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My Drake and Josh fic's next chapter will hopefully be up tomorrow. The beta hasn't set it back yet and I already bothered her enough to ask her when I'm getting it. I just got a little bit impatient this week with wanting to put it up.

I'm not sure which to do next: an iCarly fic or my D&J fic. My iCarly fic is Freddie/Carly, Freddie/Sam, and Sam/Spencer. In my D&J fic, Megan's unexpected death has consequences for the Parker-Nichols family. It's D/J and Craig/Eric.

I'm currently writing a How I Met Your Mother fanfic. I sent the first three chapters to the beta already. I'll probably send her the fourth and fifth chapters tomorrow. I want this fic to be completed or far ahead before I start posting it to LJ communities and ff.net.

I'm determined to finish my Jericho fic. It's currently at thirty-three chapters. I want to make it to forty chapters. I'm unsure if chapter forty will be the epilogue, or chapter forty-one will be the epilogue. I did have an idea on how to end it, but a review for last chapter changed my mind a little bit. This is the longest fic I have ever written. I started writing it at the end of July. This fic has taken me forever.

This weekend is fanfic updating weekend, I think.
Tags: fandom: fanfic, fic: idea, rl, tv: drake & josh, tv: himym, tv: icarly, tv: jericho

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