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Thirty Years (1/4)

Title: Thirty Years
Author: spuffy_girl
Fandom: Grey's Anatomy
Pairing: Mark Sloan/Derek Shepherd
Rating: PG-13
Word Count:3,130 /11,254
Summary: AU. Mark and Derek celebrate thirty anniversaries together.
Disclaimer: All television shows, movies, books, and other copyrighted material referred to in this work, and the characters, settings, and events thereof, are the properties of their respective owners. As this work is an interpretation of the original material and not for-profit, it constitutes fair use. Reference to real persons, places, or events are made in a fictional context, and are not intended to be libelous, defamatory, or in any way factual.


Mark and Derek’s first anniversary is spent with family. Derek’s mother Carolyn bakes them a cake. Nancy gives them a gift. Kathleen, Anne, and Megan tell embarrassing stories all night.


Mark and Derek sneak out three hours after the party starts.  “This has been a wild, but great year,” Mark tells his boyfriend.


“It has been wild and great,” Derek agrees. He leans in and kisses Mark.


“I love you, Derek Shepherd.” Mark is drunk and sappy tonight.


Derek doesn’t mind. “I love you too, Mark Sloan.” He can’t believe it took him and Mark so long to admit their feelings for each other.


“Mom wants you two inside. And she said to tell you guys not have to go off and have sex,” Anne informs her brother and Mark. She struggles not to laugh.


Mark and Derek grab hands and head back inside. They end up staying up most of the night with the Shepherd women.


All in all, their first anniversary goes perfectly. Mark and Derek have fun. There were no problems at all during the day.


Mark and Derek’s second anniversary is spent in Seattle Grace Hospital, where Mark is a patient. He’s been hurt in a car accident.


“This sucks,” Mark groans as he leans back in his bed. He hates being the patient, especially on his anniversary.


“I think you should stop whining,” Izzie Karev says. She spent the first part of her marriage in the hospital. It really sucks.


“I want to see Derek.” Mark knows he’s being unfair since his boyfriend is working, but he can’t help whining. This is not how he pictured today going.


“He’ll be here after his shift is over,” Izzie reminds him. She understands that Mark is lonely, but he’s being really annoying.


Sure enough, Derek shows up in hoes boyfriend’s hospital room only two hours later. “How are you feeling?” Derek questions. He’s been worried about Mark all day. Derek’s also been missing his soul mate.


“Like crap. Happy that you’re here now,” Mark murmurs. He’s tired of sitting in this room. He wants to go home and spend a nice, comfortable day with Derek.


Derek smiles. “I’m here now, Mark. I’m not leaving.” Derek sits down in one of the uncomfortable chairs and grabs Mark’s hand.


“Come sit with me, Der.” Mark doesn’t want to be alone right now.


“You sure, Babe?” Derek doesn’t want to risk hurting Mark any more. He doesn’t like Mark being in pain. He hurts when Mark hurts.


“I’m sure,” Mark replies. He lets the “babe” slide. Derek only calls him that when’s really worried. He doesn’t even realize he’s doing it.


Derek gets up out of the chair and climbs into Mark’s bed. He is careful and avoids where Mark’s been injured. “We’ll celebrate later,” he tells Mark.


“Can’t wait.” Mark’s really tired all of a sudden and wants to go to sleep. The painkillers have most likely kicked in.


Derek holds into his boyfriend as Mark’s eyes close. He follows him into sleep about five minutes later.


Cristina and Izzie stop in to check on Mark shortly afterwards. Although Cristina will never admit it, the two guys are adorable. Izzie snaps a picture and decides to give it to Mark and Derek for a Christmas present.


 Mark and Derek have their own private celebration of their anniversary as soon as Mark is discharged from the hospital.


Their third anniversary is spent in California. Addison is getting remarried to Pete Wilder. Pete and Violet’s two year old son Stephen is ring bearer.


“We’re happy for you,” Derek says to his ex-wife. He’s glad that Addison has moved on.

“Congratulations,” Mark chimes in. At least the wedding is two days away and not on their actual anniversary.


“I’m happy for you two. Three years is a long time,” Addison replies. She has never expected Mark to be in a three year relationship, let alone with Derek.


“Thanks.” Derek hopes their relationship lasts a long time. He loves Mark so much and can’t imagine his life without him.


“Archer’s showing up in the next few hours,” Pete informs his fiancée, Mark, and Derek. Mark and Derek are determined to not let Archer ruin their anniversary.


Mark and Derek head over to their table to talk to Sam, Naomi, Violet, and Cooper fifteen minutes later since there is nothing else to do.


“I wish Miranda was here.” Sam misses his girlfriend. Bailey couldn’t get time off of work to come to the wedding. That’s okay. Sam’s visiting Seattle in a few weeks anyway.


Mark and Derek’s anniversary is spent with friends, but they don’t mind. Their vacation is fun. They also love seeing Addison Forbes Montgomery become Addison Forbes Montgomery-Wilder.


The couple’s third anniversary is perfect for them.


Mark and Derek spend their fourth anniversary at Joe’s. They don’t want to do anything fancy this year, since four years is not that big of a deal.


“You two look like you’re having fun,” Alex observes, putting five month old Lorelei back in her stroller. Izzie smiles at the couple.


“This is exactly how we wanted to spend our anniversary,” Derek explains.  He and Mark already celebrated five times this morning, and can’t wait to go home and celebrate again.


“We love hanging out with you guys. This is perfect for us.” Mark is starving and can’t wait to go home, though. He and Derek are eating here for lunch, but they have a special anniversary dinner planned for later.


“You two are the happiest couple I’ve ever seen,” Cristina tells them. Owen nods in agreement.  He’s never seen a couple so happy before. Even he and Cristina aren’t this happy!

“We’ve been friends since we were little kids,” Mark points out. He can’t remember a time before Derek.  He’s just surprised they were in denial about their feelings for such a long time.


Derek leans his head on Mark’s shoulder. “We try not to fight too often. And when we do fight, we make up pretty quickly.”


“Good mental imagery I’m getting here,” Izzie comments. Alex shoots his wife a look, but doesn’t really care if she’s thinking about Mark and Derek together.


“Stop that train of thought,” Cristina warns. Her mind will start imagining Mark and Derek, and Cristina really doesn’t want that right now. She wants to get drunk today.


The couple head back to their apartment three hours later. Mark starts dinner, and Derek helps him prepare it.


“This is excellent,” Derek raves after taking a bite of spaghetti. He’s so happy he and Mark decided to eat in this year.  Going out to eat seems like too much work, even though they spent most of the morning and part of the afternoon at Joe’s with a few friends.


“Thanks, Der. I’m glad you like it.” Mark had been unsure about making the spaghetti at first. He only makes spaghetti for something really important, and today was it. He’s happy that Derek is raving after his spaghetti.


Derek and Mark eat the rest of their dinner in silence. Afterwards, they bring out a chocolate cake that Derek made out of the box.


“This is going to be a good night,” Derek tells his boyfriend. He can’t imagine spending his and Mark’s anniversary alone. Ever. He’s determined to be by Mark’s side for all of their future anniversaries.


“I love you,” Mark says to Derek after he is done with his piece of cake. Derek’s been done for a few minutes now, and was just waiting for him to finish.


“I love you too,” Derek answers. He will always be in love with his man. Derek has decided that he will never stop loving Mark.


Mark and Derek get up to go do the dishes when Mark impulsively kisses his boyfriend. Derek slowly puts the dishes down and wraps his arms around Mark.


The two don’t leave the kitchen at all that night. They don’t even regret the sex on the kitchen floor when they wake up the next morning.


The couple celebrate their fifth anniversary by going out of town. They get on a plane at 4:00 in the morning to go to Arizona. Mark and Derek want to visit the Grand Canyon.


“Can you believe we’ve been together five years?” Derek questions after they arrive at the hotel. They’ve been together half a decade!


Mark shakes his head. “It seems like just yesterday that we admitted our feelings for each other, Der. I’m so happy we’ve made it this long.” He hopes to spend at least another five years with the love of his life.


“You want to go to the Grand Canyon now?” Derek’s never been there, and really wants to see it. He’s so happy Mark suggested this as their anniversary trip.


“Of course I do. Let’s go.” Mark and Derek leave their room and head for their rental car. It takes them a few minutes, but the couple finally arrives at the Grand Canyon.


“It’s beautiful,” Derek sighs. He’s so glad that he and Addison were too busy to come here when they were married, because it’s just so much nicer to be here with Mark.


“Great way to spend our anniversary? You glad I suggested this trip?” Mark asks. He’s so happy he came up with this idea. He and Derek wanted to celebrate their fifth anniversary in a place that wasn’t Seattle, and the Grand Canyon had immediately popped up.


“Yes to both of the questions, Babe,” Derek replies. He can’t imagine a better anniversary trip than where they’re at.


Anniversary number six is spent at work, but the couple really don’t mind. They already gave the other their presents earlier. At least Mark thinks so.


Derek has a surprise for his boyfriend. He’s been planning this surprise since their last anniversary, and today is the day to reveal it.


“Izzie Karev said you had a surprise waiting for me and I better go right away. I figured I should, because she’s knocked up and her mood’s swinging all over the place,” Mark says, stepping into the on-call room. He wonders if Derek wants to have sex in the on-call room. He wouldn’t mind.


“Before you even say it, we’re not having sex in the on-call room. We’ll do that later. I have a better surprise for you, Mark.” Derek’s so excited that he can barely keep the secret to himself. Luckily, Mark will know it in a few minutes.


“Der, hurry up and tell me. I want to know the secret,” Mark whines. He’s dying to find out what it is. He hasn’t seen Derek this excited in a long time.


Derek takes a deep breath before he starts talking. As of yesterday, I am officially Derek Christopher Shepherd-Sloan. I’ve been wanting to change my last name for awhile. I love you so much that I wanted to have your name,” he rambles. He’s nervous now, afraid that Mark will hate his name change.


“I can’t believe you did that for me,” an amazed Mark replies. He’s so happy that Derek loves him that much. He’s actually changed his last name!


“I wanted to, Mark.” Derek loves referring to himself as Dr. Derek Shepherd-Sloan. He’s been saying in his head (and out loud) for the past year. Derek’s happy that he did this.


Mark leans in and kisses Derek. “Love you so much, Derek Christopher Shepherd-Sloan.” Turns out he loves saying Derek Shepherd-Sloan too.  Mark’s still in shock that his boyfriend did this.


“Love you too, Mark Charles Sloan.” Derek doesn’t know why he just full named Mark, but he did. It was really nice to say.


Mark and Derek end up having sex in the on-call room anyway. Later, they look back on this anniversary and agree it was one of their favorites.


For their seventh anniversary, Mark Sloan and Derek Shepherd-Sloan bring home their newborn daughter from the hospital.


The couple had been on an adoption waiting list for the past two years. Five months earlier, a pregnant single woman had decided to let the couple adopt her baby.


Two days ago, Mark and Derek’s daughter Gillian Carolyn Shepherd-Sloan came into the world after twenty-five hours of labor.


“This is the greatest anniversary present ever,” Mark tells Derek. He’s the one holding their daughter at the moment, but Derek will want her back in a few minutes.


“Even better than last year?” Derek asks. He had thought nothing could top last year, but he was wrong. Derek can’t believe he and Mark are daddies now.


“Even better than last year,” Mark confirms. These past two anniversaries have been the best. He’s so happy to be with Derek.


“We love you, Baby Girl.” Derek can’t stop staring at Gillian. She is the most beautiful baby girl he’s ever seen. Not even the Karev kids, the Montgomery-Wilder kids, and the Yang-Hunt kids compare to his daughter.


“You’re the best thing to ever happen to us,” Mark chimes in. He hands the baby to his boyfriend. Mark can’t believe he’s a father. He has a daughter now.


“She is.” Derek can’t wait to play with his little girl. He and Mark are going to be the best daddies ever. They’ll spoil Gillian.


“You okay with not celebrating our anniversary this year?” Mark can’t help but ask the question. Seven years isn’t that big of a deal, but he’s still worrying. Mark can’t help it.


“I’m okay with it,” Derek assures his boyfriend. He kisses Mark and continues to stare at the baby.


All in all, Mark and Derek’s seventh anniversary goes pretty well.


Mark and Derek spend their eighth anniversary at work, but then decide to go out to a fancy restaurant for dinner.


The Karevs (Even though they have four kids of their own) are watching Gillian for the couple. Mark and Derek have a nanny, but she’s off for the weekend.


“You think Gilly’s okay with Alex and Izzie?” questions a worried Derek. He loves his daughter so much, and it’s hard to imagine his life without her and Mark now.


“Alex and Izzie are perfectly prepared to handle an extra kid in their house. Even one that’s just learning how to walk,” Mark answers. He and Derek have left Gillian alone before, but it’s hard for Derek sometimes. Mark understands, though.


“Good point.” Derek just doesn’t want the Karevs to be overwhelmed. And he really misses his daughter. It’s so hard to be away from Gillian.


“You ready to get all fancy tonight, Der?” Mark remembers that the last time they went out to a fancy restaurant was a few months before the baby was born. They need tonight.


Derek laughs. “I am definitely ready to get fancy tonight, Mark. Let’s not think about Gillian for awhile. If we can, at least. It’s practically impossible to forget about our little girl.”


Mark and Derek spend the rest of the night celebrating the fact that they’ve been together eight years and talk about Gillian.


“Good night?” Mark asks before they go into their apartment. He and Derek are spending their first night without the baby. She’s never been somewhere overnight.


“Good night, Babe.” Derek and Mark are suddenly making out. They barely get the door open before they head towards their bedroom. They don’t come out until the noon the next day.


Mark and Derek’s ninth anniversary is spent apart. The couple had a huge fight only a few days earlier, and Derek walked out. Mark is staying home alone with two year old Gillian, who doesn’t understand where her other daddy is and she’s asking for him.


Unknown to Mark, Derek is currently in New York. Only a few hours ago, Nancy called in a panic to inform him that their mother is in the hospital.


“I’m sorry your daddy isn’t here, Baby Girl,” Mark says to a sleeping Gillian. He wants to tell Derek he’s sorry. They shouldn’t be spending their anniversary alone. Today sucks.


The phone rings and Mark hurries to answer it. “Derek, that you? I’m so sorry. Please come home.” He knows he’s begging, but Mark really doesn’t care.


“My mom’s in the hospital and I flew to New York without thinking and I need you and Gilly,” Derek rambles. He’s so scared. He doesn’t want his mom to die.


“Gillian and I will be on the next flight out,” Mark replies. He doesn’t even care that Derek left without him. He obviously isn’t thinking straight.


Unfortunately, Mark and Gillian don’t make it to New York until the next day, but Carolyn Shepherd recovers.


Mark and Derek vow to make up after every fight and to not walk out. The couple decides to celebrate their anniversary later.


Mark and Derek celebrate their tenth anniversary with a party hosted by friends and family. Addison and Pete even show up.


“Am I pretty?” three year old Gillian asks Meredith and her husband, Robert.  The two struggle not to laugh at the little girl.


“Of course you are,” Meredith assures the little girl. She loves Mark and Derek and their family. She got over Derek not being with her years ago.


“Thanks, Auntie Meredith.” Gillian skips off to go visit one of her aunts. She has a short attention span tonight, but nobody really cares.


“She’s going to be a wonderful big sister,” Bailey informs Mark and Derek when Gillian goes skipping past them.


“Gilly is pretty excited,” Mark replies. He and Derek are expanding their family in a few months, and they can’t wait.


Instead of adopting, this time they’re using a surrogate. She’s a sweet girl and seven months along. Maria’s around somewhere, mingling with the crowd. She’s become a good friend of theirs in the past year.


“I still can’t believe you two have been together for ten years,” Addison tells her ex-husband and his partner. They seem to be one of the happiest families she’s ever met. She can’t wait to meet their second daughter.


“Why does everyone keep saying that?” Derek complains. He and Addison were together for just as long before she cheated on him with Mark.


“Because nobody ever expected you two to last,” Izzie Karev points out. Alex agrees with his wife. He thought that Mark and Derek were just going through a phase at first, but they’re so happy.


“Alright, wasn’t somebody supposed to give a speech?” Mark questions, changing the subject. He doesn’t want to talk about this anymore.


“I am,” Bailey reminds him. She wonders if Sam is around her somewhere. She hasn’t seen her husband in awhile.


Later that night, after everyone goes home, Mark and Derek spend the rest of their anniversary in the living room. They watch movies with Gillian, who still hasn’t fallen asleep yet.


Part 2
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