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Thirty Years (2/4)

Title: Thirty Years
Pairing: Mark Sloan/Derek Shepherd
Rating: PG-13
Word Count : 3,100
Summary: AU. Mark and Derek celebrate thirty anniversaries.
Disclaimer: All television shows, movies, books, and other copyrighted material referred to in this work, and the characters, settings, and events thereof, are the properties of their respective owners. As this work is an interpretation of the original material and not for-profit, it constitutes fair use. Reference to real persons, places, or events are made in a fictional context, and are not intended to be libelous, defamatory, or in any way factual.

The couples’ eleventh anniversary is spent at home with their two daughters. Four year old Gillian helps Mark prepare dinner for Derek. Derek is trying to get ten month old Jacqueline to sleep, but he’s failing in that aspect.



“You like our anniversary so far?” Mark questions over Jacqueline’s crying. Gillian is glaring at her younger sister.


“It’s fun so far, Mark.” Derek doesn’t mind spending his and Mark’s anniversary with Gillian and Jacqueline.  They deserve to be with their daddies for the night.


“I think I want another baby!” Mark calls over all the chaos. Jacqueline has gotten Gillian really upset now, so their four year old is now crying.


“We’ll need a house!” Derek shouts back. He wouldn’t mind having another baby. Derek does want to wait a little while, though. A four year old and a ten month old is pretty hard at the moment.


“Let’s start looking tomorrow, Der!” Mark is serious about another baby. Maybe he and Derek can adopt again. Probably an older child, instead of a baby.


“Okay!” Derek finally calms Jacqueline down a few minutes later and puts her in her crib. Gillian follows her little sister into sleep about an hour later.


Derek and Mark watch TV for the next few hours. They don’t mind the fact that they’re spending their anniversary in the apartment with their two daughters.  It’s a good anniversary.


Mark and Derek go on vacation for their twelfth anniversary. Five year old Gillian and twenty-two month Jacqueline are staying with their grandmother in New York for the week.


“I love Hawaii,” Mark says. He and Derek haven’t been on vacation since their fifth anniversary. It’s long overdue. Gillian complained that she couldn’t go on vacation with her daddies, until Mark and Derek promised they’d take her and Jacqueline with them on their vacation.


“Hawaii is so nice. Especially without two certain little girls. It’s nice not to have to chase them around for once,” Derek replies. He loves both his daughters, but he wasn’t dragging a five year old and a toddler along on his anniversary trip. The nanny offered to go, but he and Mark had refused. They let her take the week off.


“Just think about the fact that we may have another little one running around next year.” Mark can’t wait to be a father again.


“Our house is going to be nuts,” Derek laughs. He’s so happy that he and Mark found a house to live in in the past year. Gillian’s thrilled to have her own room.


“But we’ll love it, Der.” Mark really wants to go in the ocean. He feels like swimming. Mark wants Derek to go in with him.


“You want to go in the ocean. Let’s go, Babe.” Derek takes off towards the ocean. Mark follows his partner, laughing.


“I love you more than you will ever know, Derek Shepherd-Sloan,” Marks tells him when he and Derek come up out of the water. He’s so happy he and Derek have made is this long.


“I love you too, Babe.” That’s when Derek dunks Mark into the ocean. Mark comes up laughing.


“You’re going to pay for that, Derek,” he warns. The couple plays around in the ocean for the entire day.


“Good anniversary?” Derek questions later, when he and Mark are in bed, watching TV. It’s been a good day.


“Good anniversary,” Mark confirms. He kisses Derek and the two began to make love for the third time that night.


They return to Seattle a week later. Their anniversary ended up being one of the best they ever had.


Mark and Derek’s thirteenth anniversary is spent at Seattle Grace’s emergency room. There’s a big accident, and neither one of them are making it home to celebrate.


Six year old Gillian is up in the pediatric ward after coming down with the flu. She ended up with a high fever, which landed her in the hospital for the next few days.


Addison is in town for a conference, but that’s over, so she’s watching thirty-four month old Jacqueline and eight year old Kirsten. Kirsten was Mark and Derek’s newly adopted daughter. She came into the family only six months earlier, after being bounced around the foster care system for most of her life.  She fit right into the family.


“Happy anniversary,” Derek tells Mark right before he goes off to surgery with a patient. He’s sad he can’t celebrate with Mark tonight, but they can always celebrate another day.


“Happy anniversary! See you later.” Mark has his own surgery to do in a half hour, and that’s going to take awhile.

“Thirteen years is a long time to be together,” Izzie Karev comments. She and Alex have been married for a long time too, though. Wow, everyone’s grown up.


“They’re really happy,” Callie replies. She and Arizona are happy, but they’ve never been as happy as Mark and Derek.


“Their kids are cute too.” Meredith offers to baby-sit when the nanny’s day off coincides with her day off. It works really well, because Mark and Derek usually accept.


“I still can’t believe they ended up with three little girls. Kirsten, Gillian, and Jacqueline are going to drive them crazy when they’re teenagers.” Cristina is happy she and Owen only had one kid, and a boy at that. Three girls would drive her up the wall.


Mark and Derek meet up later that night in Gillian’s hospital room to watch over their little girl. They don’t mind celebrating their anniversary with their sick daughter.


“Get well soon, Gilly,” Mark murmurs. He kisses his daughter good-night and prepares to go home with Mark.


“Love you, Baby Girl,” Derek tells her. He also kisses Gillian good-night. He and Mark leave Seattle Grace.


Their daughters celebrate their anniversary with them later.


Mark and Derek celebrate their fourteenth anniversary at Disney World. They decided to spend it there for their girls.


“Thanks for bringing us,” Kirsten tells her daddies. The nine year old is thrilled to be here. So is seven year old Gillian. Nearly four year old Jacqueline is just taking in all the sights and sounds.


“Can we ride, Daddy Mark and Papa Derek?” Gillian excitedly asks. She can’t wait to go on a ride. She wants to have fun.


“Of course we’re going to go ride,” Mark assures his daughter. He’s excited about riding himself. Mark’s only been to Disney World once, and that was when he was a teenager.


“Stay near us girls,” Derek warns. He’s terrified of losing his daughters and doesn’t want to let them out of his sight. Derek’s just a little bit paranoid.


Derek and Mark’s anniversary goes by when they’re riding with their daughters, but they don’t care. They love this anniversary celebration.


Carolyn Shepherd invites her son and his family out to New York for their fifteenth anniversary.  They accept, and fly out the day before.


“I’m having fun, Grandma,” Gillian tells her before running off to greet one of her many cousins. Jacqueline and Kirsten are already playing in the backyard, and they seem to be having fun.


“I’m happy for you, Gilly.” Carolyn smiles as her granddaughter goes out the door.


“I’m glad we’re back in New York,” Derek says to his partner. He kisses Mark. He loves Seattle, but New York is nice too.


“I’m glad we’re here too, Der,” Mark says when he and Derek pull apart. He can’t wait to go home, though. He misses their house. And Seattle Grace.


“Happy anniversary, Daddy and Papa,” Kirsten tells her father when she comes back into the house. She’s so happy they’ve been together for fifteen years.


“Thanks, sweetheart.” Derek’s thrilled that all three of his and Mark’s daughters are such nice girls. They’re also very respectful.


“I’m making you two a very special dinner,” Carolyn suddenly decides. She wants Mark and Derek’s anniversary to be really memorable.


“Thanks, Mom.” Derek hopes she’s going to make his favorite meal. He loves her chicken, mashed potatoes, and noodles. They’re so good. Mark loves it too, so that’d be great.


A year later, Mark and Derek celebrate their sixteenth anniversary. Kirsten, Gillian, and Jacqueline spend the night at the Karevs to give their fathers some alone time.


“Did you ever think we’d make it sixteen years?” Mark asks Derek after dinner is over with. He’s glad that they decided to go with paper plates this year, because doing the dishes is out of the equation.


“I was hoping we would, but it’s taken us a long time to get here, Babe,” Derek replies. Mark’s finally accepted being called Babe. It took a long time, but Derek doesn’t care. He loves this man more than anybody.


“You want to have sex on the kitchen floor for old times’ sake?” Mark figures he’ll give it a shot. He and Derek haven’t had sex on the kitchen floor in ages. At least not since they brought Gillian home. They were always afraid one of their kids would walk in on them.


Derek laughs at Mark. He can’t believe he just asked that. “Okay,” he quickly agrees. He misses having sex on the kitchen floor sometimes.


Mark and Derek end up breaking the kitchen table after they tire of making love on the floor, but they lie to their daughters the next day.


All in all, their anniversary turns out well, even if they are in pain the next day.


Derek is in the hospital for his and Mark’s seventeenth anniversary. Like Mark so many years earlier, he’s been injured in a car accident.


“I’m scared for Daddy,” Gillian sobs to her uncle Alex. He somehow got the job of caring for the three Shepherd-Sloan girls while Mark hauls up in Derek’s hospital room.


Unfortunately, Derek was hurt worse than Mark. The accident was two days ago, and it’s since been learned that he’s comatose.


“I know you are,” Alex comforts. Mark’s been granted family leave to stay with Derek, but he’s refusing to leave the hospital. He and Izzie are currently caring for Kirsten, Gillian, and Jacqueline as Carolyn Shepherd died in her sleep only six months ago.


“How’s Mark  and Derek doing?” Addison Montgomery-Wilder asks, bursting into the waiting room. She couldn’t get time off work until now, and she’s really worried about her ex-husband and his partner.


“Derek’s still the same and Mark’s heading towards a breakdown,” Cristina explains. She can see that Mark is ready to fall apart.


“I can definitely see that. Can I go into Derek’s room?” Addison questions. She needs to see Derek to calm down. He’s going to wake up eventually. Addison knows it.


“Addison,” Mark says in shock when she plows into Derek’s room. He can’t believe she’s here. When did she show up? Was she here before?

“How are you?” Addison questions.  She wants him to fall apart soon so he gets it out of the way. It’ll be better that way.


“I’m okay,” Mark lies. He doesn’t want anyone to see him fall apart. The love of his life could die. Everything was fine before. Why does it have to change?


“No you’re not. Let it out,” Addison encourages. She knows what Mark needs, even though her own hands are shaking from stress right now.  


“I can’t!” Mark cries. He is determined to be strong. His and Derek’s daughters need him to be strong. Mark can’t have a breakdown.


“Yes, you can, Mark.” Addison really doesn’t want to drag this breakdown out. It’ll be even worse for Mark if he doesn’t fall apart now.


“I’m not going to,” he insists. Mark knows that Derek will up sometime soon. Hopefully, in the next few hours.


Addison gives up for the moment, so she sits down on one of the chairs with Mark. She can be there for him in another way. It’s not like Mark is really paying attention to his surroundings anyway.


And that’s when Mark has his breakdown. “I want him to wake up,” he sobs. He can’t live without Derek. Derek is the love of his life, his best friend, the father of his children.


“He will wake up, Mark.” Addison’s glad that she was at least the catalyst for the breakdown. Mark probably hasn’t fallen apart before now.


“Please don’t die, Der,” Mark pleads. He couldn’t handle it if Derek lost his life in a car accident. They’ve been best friends for so long and together for seventeen hours. It can’t end now. Life can’t be that cruel, can it?

Addison sits by Mark and refuses to leave as he continues his breakdown. Eventually, Izzie Karev comes in and sits with them.


Mark and Derek don’t celebrate their anniversary this year, but it’ll all be okay if Derek wakes up. And he will. Mark knows he’ll wake up.


For their eighteenth anniversary, Mark and Derek go out to eat with their daughters. Mark really wants it to be low key, but Derek insisted on having fun. He had missed their last anniversary.


“Are you sure you want to be here?” Mark questions. He knows he’s hovering and being overprotective of Derek, but he can’t help it. Derek was comatose for four months. Mark worries about him.


“Babe, I’m sure I want to be here. I’m fine,” Derek soothes. He knows how worried Mark is. Derek loves him even more for it. He really is fine. It sucks that he couldn’t celebrate his last anniversary, but he wants to this year.


“Dad, calm down,” insists thirteen year old Kirsten. She understands that her dad is worried about Papa, but he’s extremely annoying about it. It got old three weeks after Papa came home from the hospital.


“I’ll try.” Mark can’t turn off his love for Derek, and thus his worry for his partner. He’s been trying to quit worrying since Derek woke up eight months ago, but it’s not working.


Dinner goes smoothly. “I’m so glad I’m awake this year,” Derek tells Mark in the car. They’re on their way home now. He just wants to make love to Mark and go to sleep. It sounds like a really great plan.


“Don’t joke about that,” Mark warns. He still his nightmares about getting the phone call that told him that Derek had been involved in a car accident. Mark still has flashbacks about Derek in that hospital room.


Truth is, Derek’s really starting to worry about Mark. He hasn’t been the same since he woke up in the hospital. Derek suspects that his boyfriend might have Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, but he’s unsure. “I won’t joke about it anymore,” Derek promises.


The Shepherd-Sloans eat dinner together as a family. Kirsten then does the dishes and watches her younger siblings as Derek and Mark sit on the couch and turn on a movie.


“Love you so much,” Mark murmurs as the credits start to roll on the movie. He’ll never be able to stop tellng Derek he loves him now. He could lose him at any moment.


“Love you too, Babe.” Derek leans his head on Mark’s shoulder and starts to watch TV. He doesn’t mind having a low-key anniversary.


Mark and Derek end up falling asleep on the couch, but they really don’t care. Even though they didn’t get to make love, it was still a great anniversary because Derek survived. Neither could ask for more this year.


Mark and Derek are surprised with a party on their twentieth anniversary. “I’m so happy that you two have made it this long,” Miranda tells them. Husband Sam nods in agreement next to her.


“We never expected you two to get together at all, even though we joked about it a few times,” Sam tells them.  He’s just happy that they’re happy.


“Nobody expected us to get together, not even me.” Derek really didn’t. He had loved both Addison and Meredith, but they didn’t compare to his love for Mark. The past twenty years had gone by faster than his marriage to Addison.


“I never thought I’d fall in love with my best friend.” Mark’s being sappy tonight, but he really doesn’t give a crap. Tonight is his twentieth anniversary. He’s allowed to be sappy.


“You feeling any better?” Addison asks Mark. She was by his side every weekend during Derek’s coma, and as a result, she’s worries. Probably a little too much.


“I’m feeling a whole lot better,” Mark confirms. Turns out that Derek’s diagnosis was right. He was suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in the wake of Derek’s accident. He’s been in therapy for a few months now.


“Any chance of good music?” Pete Wilder questions. The younger kids have taken control of the music selection for tonight, and they’re playing their music. It’s all complete and utter crap.


“I’m on it,” Izzie Karev vows. She hurries over to the stereo system and the many children around it. She’ll put on some great music that Mark and Derek love.


“So what’s been the best part of these past twenty years?” Lexie Grey-O’Malley really wants to know. She and George have only been together eleven years and married nine, so she’s curious.


“Don’t you dare say the sex,” Addison warns. She knows where Mark’s mind is. Derek’s too. Addison has known them for a very long time. She understands their thought processes now or something. It’s a little bit weird, but no one else seems to think so.


“Raising a family together. Being happy and in love,” Mark replies. He can’t imagine his life without Derek and their three daughters. It literally hurts to think about.


“Same thing.” Derek loves his and Mark’s family. They worked hard to last twenty years. Some couples don’t, like he and Addison.


“That’s so sweet,” Meredith tells them. She thinks Mark and Derek are adorable together. Right now, Meredith’s surprised they didn’t become a couple sooner.


“I hope you two had fun tonight,” Addison tells them later, after everyone leaves. She, Pete, and their kids are going to leave in the morning. They don’t want to go back to California tonight. It’s too late, and everyone’s tired.


“We did,” Derek confirms. He and Mark really wish they didn’t have a house full of company, because they really want to go upstairs and make love.


“We’ll see you in the morning.” Mark grabs Derek and they bound up the stairs. They make love anyway. Addison and Pete don’t tell the two that they heard them, because Mark and Derek sounded like they were having fun. At least none of the kids heard.


Mark and Derek look forward to their future anniversaries.

Part 3
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