klutzy_girl (klutzy_girl) wrote,

Greys_Exchange fic author

Hello author who is writing my fic!

Thank you so much for doing this for me!

For the Alex/Izzie fic- Happy ending please, set after season five. Alex and Izzie on their tenth wedding anniversary. Izzie got her four kids: Dylan Alexander (oldest), and triplet daughters: Hope Meredith, Faith Cristina, and Grace Miranda. Maybe it can be Alex reflecting on his life with Izzie since her cancer diagnosis.

For the Cristina/Owen fic: Cristina is just trying to help Owen through his PSTD. Maybe a little bit of fluff and angst.

For the ensemble fic: Mark, Derek, and Meredith are discussing random things on a really stormy night. Meredith learns about Mark and Derek's early days of friendship.

Again, thank you so much. I hope you're able to choose one!

Tags: fandom: fanfic, tv: grey's anatomy

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