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Tonight's TV

I loved Bones tonight. It was a really great episode. Post Amnesia!Booth is so weird, though. WTF was up with the clown?

Hands down, the best and most adorable moment of the episode/series was Booth calling Brennan by "Baby". I rewound that scene twice already. I squealed loudly when I heard it.

Poor Brennan with getting stabbed and going places by herself.

Cam's thrilled that Booth's in love with Brennan! 

I can't wait for next week.

The Office was also great. I didn't like Stanley cheating on his wife, though. That wasn't good.

Pam and Jim are so excited about the baby! I love Michael spreading false gossip to throw everyone off Stanley's tracks and accidentally revealing a real truth he didn't even know about.

Jim with the ultrasound was so cute. The cold open was hilarious.

I hope Andy does realize he is gay, because I want Andy/Oscar.

Also can't wait for next week.

I watched SPN after TO. I also loved it. It was nice to see Jo and Ellen again. I loved War showing up. 

Poor boys. I can't believe Sam just left like that. I can't believe Dean just let him go. WTF happened to you, Dean? This is your little brother! It's okay. The brothers will get back to normal soon. I believe that.

And the preview for next week: I guess Sam has Ghost!Sex with Jess. That's pretty cool.

I can't wait to watch Fringe tomorrow.

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