March 19th, 2009


(no subject)

I'm sick for the second time in three weeks. Yay me! Except this time, I skipped most of the process and went straight to runny nose, hoarse voice, and coughing. My mom gave me this medicine I hate that dries me out. If I don't drink something when I take it, I feel all buzzy. And I forgot one side effect from this crappy medicine: I have to pee a lot. I can't believe I forgot that one.

She yelled at me for fifteen minutes this morning on the way to school and I didn't even do anything! She says it's because I'm not trying hard enough in math. I went in for extra help yesterday! He assigned me a hundred and some problems (four pages), and I did nearly three pages. Apparantly, that's not trying hard enough. I don't even know why I got yelled at. And then she yelled at me again for not knowing why I was getting yelled at. I was sitting there going WTF are you yelling at me about the entire time in my head.

She's nearly caught me going on the computer when she's not home a few times. She knows I've been going on, but hasn't caught me yet. I don't plan on getting caught.

I loved Lost last night, although that "Ride, Captain, Ride" song is now stuck in my head.

New Supernatural, Bones, and The Office tonight! I can't wait.