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Fic: Karl's Last Surprise - 3/6

Title: Karl's Last Surprise
Author: klutzy_girl
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1,520
Spoilers: Up to If....
Characters/Pairings: Bree, mentions of Bree/Karl and Bree/Orson
Disclaimer: I don't own Desperate Housewives and never will. No copyright infringement intended.
Summary: Before the plane crash, Karl left Bree with one last surprise. She's shocked by the news.

Chapter 1| Chapter 2

In Bree’s eleventh week of pregnancy, someone other than Susan and Mike learned that she was pregnant. Bree had been visiting the Scavos and their newborn daughter Peyton when she became nauseated and had to rush to the bathroom. “I’m sorry. I haven’t been feeling well,” she told Lynette after leaving the bathroom.

Lynette smiled at her. “I have a week old baby in there. You think I don’t know what’s going on with you, Bree? How far along are you?” It didn’t matter to her that Bree was forty-three. She had gotten pregnant at forty-nine. It wasn’t that big of a deal to Lynette.

Bree sighed. She couldn’t lie her way out of this, especially since Lynette had just given birth. “I’m eleven weeks. It was a surprise, but a pleasant one.”

“Is it Karl’s? Is that why Orson left?” Lynette and Gaby had learned of Bree and Karl’s affair after his death. They had been surprised by it.

Bree nodded. “It’s Karl’s baby. Orson left because he couldn’t forgive me. I’m going to be a single mother at fifty-three years old.” It was nice to talk to someone other than Susan (or Mike, when she wasn’t around.) about her pregnancy.

“Congratulations. Maybe the babies will be able to play together.” Lynette gave her a hug, and the two went into the living room to play with Peyton.

The next day, Bree had a wedding to cater. She was exhausted an hour in, but that was normal now. She was working alone, especially since Katherine was still committed. She wouldn’t be back for awhile, if ever.

“You need a new partner,” Susan informed her. Bree probably couldn’t handle all of this work by herself. It was hard enough without adding in the fact that she was pregnant.

“I’ll be fine. I’m okay, Susan.” Bree didn’t want anyone to treat her differently. She could handle the business by herself.

The next night, Bree sat down on the couch and put in a movie. She wanted to relax, and a movie seemed like the perfect idea. It was nice to actually relax for a change.

She fell asleep watching a different movie. When she woke up, it was still dark out. Bree checked the time, and it was only 4:30. She decided to cook a little bit. Since it was the weekend, she would go over and visit with the Delfinos. They had become closer in the past few months.

Around 8:30AM, Bree walked over to the Delfino house. MJ was usually up early, and Susan had just called her to come over.

“Hey. You feeling okay today?” Susan questioned. She was making sure that Bree took her prenatal vitamins and was healthy.

Bree nodded. “No morning sickness today. First time in a few months. It was wonderful.” Not cleaning the toilet had been a welcome surprise today.

“That’s great. Mike is making us breakfast. What do you want today?” Susan didn’t want her going hungry.

Bree shrugged. “I’m not sure yet. What do you have here?” She had a really bad craving for an omelet right now.

“Eggs, toast, and you have to ask Mike about what else we have,” Susan answered. She was going for some toast herself.

Bree walked into the kitchen. “Mike, if it’s not a problem, can I have an omelet, please? I’m craving one so badly right now.” She couldn’t wait to see what else she craved. This was Karl’s baby inside her, after all. It wasn’t a surprise her cravings had kicked in already.

“Not a problem at all. I’ll get started on it now.” Mike really didn’t mind all that much that his wife’s friend was over pretty much all the time. She only talked to Susan and Lynette about her pregnancy. And since Lynette and Tom were busy with their newborn, Bree had only Susan to talk to about it.

“Thank you, Mike.” Bree, Susan, and MJ settled in to have a conversation. Bree loved talking to the little boy.

“You’re welcome, Bree.” Mike went into the kitchen to start breakfast.

Within half an hour, Bree and the Delfinos were eating together. Bree didn’t even feel nauseated after eating. It was nice. “I should go. Andrew and Alex are coming over later. I’m making us dinner.”

“Stay for awhile. You have plenty of time to cook dinner,” Susan said. She wished Bree would just relax a little bit. Especially now, because the pregnancy was so high risk.

“I’ll stay until 1:00. The boys are coming over around 2:00,” Bree decided. She was going to tell everyone about her pregnancy next week. She had even invited Danielle, Benjamin, and her husband over for dinner. Bree had promised to be good and not criticize. She just wanted the day to go well. Hopefully, it wouldn’t end in tears.

At 1:00PM exactly, Bree left the Delfinos’ and returned to her own home. She started to cook dinner for her son and son-in-law. She hoped they liked it.

“You’re looking really good today,” Andrew told his mother. This was the first time she looked happy in a long time.

“Thank you. I feel good today.” Bree hoped the morning sickness was done for good now. This pregnancy was taking a lot out of her. She hadn’t felt this run down during her pregnancies with Andrew and Danielle, but she had been younger then.

“That’s really great.” Alex was happy for his mother-in-law. She had been depressed for months now, and Bree seemed to be making a breakthrough finally.

Andrew and Alex returned home after dinner was over. The two men helped Bree with the dishes, since she got tired pretty early. Andrew couldn’t figure out why, but Alex thought he had figured it out. He was a doctor, after all. He wasn’t going to say anything until Bree was ready, however.

The next week, Bree reached the twelfth week of her pregnancy. She was out of the first trimester. Everything seemed to be going well, and Bree couldn’t keep it a secret any longer. The pregnant fifty-three year old decided to have everyone over to tell them her news.

The first thing Bree did was pull Julie and Evan away from everyone else. She didn’t want them finding out with everyone else. Their father was dead, and it didn’t seem fair to either one of them. Evan took the news that he was going to be a big brother well.

Julie burst into tears and hugged her. “I’ll be there for you and the baby, Mrs. Van de Kamp. I miss my daddy, and the fact that you’re having his baby makes me happy for some reason. Congratulations.”

“Thank you, sweetie.” Bree was crying herself and she hugged her. Julie could have been her stepdaughter, and she wouldn’t have minded.

Bree, Julie, and Evan went back into the living room a few minutes later. Both girls had calmed down. Bree smiled at her guests. “I have some surprising news to tell everyone.”

Susan and Lynette shot her encouraging smiles. They were thrilled that Bree was finally telling everyone about her pregnancy.

“What is it?” asked a curious Danielle. She didn’t know why her mother had invited everyone over. There was no reason for it, actually. Her mother probably just wanted something to criticize her over again.

Bree smiled. “You all know that I had an affair with Karl Mayer. We were even thinking about getting married. But that all changed a few months ago. You know why. Anyway, I found out some shocking news about two months ago. I’m pregnant. Twelve weeks along. I just finished the first trimester. It’s a shock, especially at my age, but I’m going to raise this baby.”

The Solis’s, Tom, Bob, Lee, Danielle, and Andrew all stared at her in shock. None of them could believe what they had just heard.

Danielle was the first to recover. “But you’re fifty-three years old,” she pointed out. She couldn’t believe her mother was having a baby. That wasn’t what she had been expecting tonight.

“I know I’m fifty-three, Danielle. My obstetrician told me that these things can happen sometimes. My pregnancy is high risk, but as long as I take it easy, everything should be fine. We’re both perfectly healthy now, so the pregnancy will hopefully progress normally.” Bree was thrilled that her secret was finally out.

Gaby recovered next. She smiled at her friend. “Congratulations, Bree. If you ever need anything, don’t hesitate to call.” She was determined to be there for Bree.

“Congratulations, Mom. I’m happy for you,” Andrew told her. He got up and hugged his mother. He couldn’t wait to meet his new sibling.

Susan offered to do the dishes for Bree so the pregnant woman could relax. Nobody wanted her to work too hard, especially now.

Later that night, Bree fell asleep on the couch. Everyone had gone home except for Andrew, Alex, and Danielle. Benjamin was fast asleep, and Danielle’s husband was in bed. Andrew covered his mother up.

Bree was basically on a rollercoaster. The rest of her pregnancy would not go by so smoothly.
Tags: character: bree van de kamp, character: gabrielle solis, character: lynette scavo, character: susan delfino, fandom: fanfic, fic: karl's last surprise, fic: multi-chaptered, pairing: bree/karl, tv: desperate housewives

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