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Fic: Karl's Last Surprise - 4/6

Title:Karl's Last Surprise
Author: klutzy_girl
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1,224
Characters/Pairings: Bree
Disclaimer: I don't own Desperate Housewives and never will. No copyright infringement intended.
Summary: Before the plane crash, Karl left Bree with one last surprise. She's shocked by the news.

Previous parts

In Bree’s fifth month of pregnancy, something changed overnight. She had been happy for several months, but then one day she wasn’t. Nobody could figure out why the pregnant woman’s attitude had changed out of the blue.

Susan, Gaby, and Lynette decided to confront her about it if her depression continued. All three women were worried about Bree.

Bree missed Karl Mayer a lot. For months now, she had been trying to pretend that the loss wasn’t affecting her. She was trying to remain strong, especially because of the fact that she had something left from Karl. The baby was coming in a few months, and she wished he was here with her.

As the baby gave a hard kick, Bree headed towards the steps and sat down on them. She hoped she was able to get up off them. Bree wasn’t too big yet, but she still worried about that.

“Karl, I miss you so much. Why did you have to leave me here alone? I want you back. You should be here with me, happy about the baby. I know you would be. You loved Julie and Evan so much. It’s not the same. You were it for me, Karl. I don’t want to do anymore.” Bree burst into sobs. She had been trying to hold them back, but the effort was futile. When Rex died, she had been devastated. But her grief then was nothing compared to the grief she felt over Karl.

Bree sat on the steps and cried for hours over the man she would never see again. Once she was done, she went into the kitchen and started to clean. Cleaning would take her mind off of Karl. It had worked before.

Bree concentrated on cleaning up the kitchen , even as Baby Mayer repeatedly kicked her. This was definitely Karl’s baby. Despite the fact that she was able to, Bree didn’t want to find out the sex of the baby until the delivery room. It was much more fun that way.

Gaby, Carlos, Juanita, and Celia showed up at the house around 5:30. They were eating dinner with Bree. The girls on Wisteria Lane had decided a few months ago to never let Bree be alone for dinner. She shouldn’t have to be alone right now. They’d help her out as much as they could.

“How are you feeling, Bree?” questioned Gaby. She wasn’t about to let the pregnant woman do too much work around the house. She hated it herself, but this was still a high risk pregnancy for Bree.

“I’m okay,” Bree lied. She wasn’t about to tell them she still missed Karl. And on top of that, the divorce from Orson was going to be finalized tomorrow. This was potentially the last time she would ever see him.

“If you’re sure.” Gaby wasn’t convinced, however. She made a mental note to keep an eye on her. She wasn’t about to let Bree fall into a rut.

“When do you want us to get started on the nursery?” Carlos, Tom, and Mike had offered to help Bree decorate the nursery. She was grateful to them for it, and had accepted their offer.

“Any time is fine. It doesn’t matter to me, as long as it’s finished before the baby arrives,” Bree answered. She was still worried that something might happen to the baby, and didn’t want to jinx anything. What if something went wrong with the baby and she lost it? This was a perfectly valid fear, especially considering that Lynette had lost Patrick.

“Okay. I’ll talk to the boys and I think we can get started this weekend,” Carlos answered.

Gaby, Lynette, and Susan had gone with her to pick up a crib. It was still in the box, waiting to bet set up. The bassinet was already in Bree’s room, waiting to be used.

Later that night, when she was finally alone again, Bree lost it again. She curled up in a ball as best as she could and began sobbing in her bed. She wanted Karl next to her. He would know what to do when she was acting irrational.

“Karl, I can’t even think of a name. I’m too terrified. What if something goes wrong? This is why I need you here. You’d be able to calm me down.” Bree eventually cried herself to sleep. When she woke up in the morning, she cried over Karl again. It was all she seemed to be able to do lately.

Susan found her crying when she came over for breakfast. Bree tried to pass it off as her hormones, but she wasn’t convinced. “What’s wrong, sweetie?” Susan wasn’t about to leave the pregnant woman alone. Bree needed her right now.

“Nothing,” Bree tried to lie. She didn’t want to talk to Susan about this. Susan had loved Karl once, but their marriage had still failed.

“Bree, tell me what’s wrong before you have to go to the lawyer’s office.” Susan wasn’t going to let this go.

Bree sighed and tried to hold back more tears. She failed. “I miss Karl. I want him back, Susan. It’s hard without him.” She buried her head in a pillow.

Susan helped Bree up and gave her a hug. “I know you do. But Karl would want you to move on, Bree. He wouldn’t want you like this. Be happy. Karl left you with that baby, and you need to take care of him or her. You need to start moving on. I know you loved it, but it’s time.”

A little while later, Bree was at the lawyer’s office. Her and Orson’s divorce was finalized less than ten minutes later. “Congratulations and good luck with the baby,” Orson told his ex-wife. He wasn’t bitter about anything. He was happy for her.

“Thank you. Good luck with whatever is it you’re going to do.” Bree replied. She leaned down and hugged her ex-husband as best as she could. It was pretty awkward.

After they left, Susan drove Bree to the cemetery. “I want you to say good-bye to Karl. Talk to him. Tell him what you need to.”

Bree walked over to Karl’s burial site and began to talk to him. She told him all of the things she had been holding inside of her for months.

A few days later, Bree had a doctor’s appointment. Lynette (and Peyton) drove her to the appointment. Bree could probably take herself, but she had very overprotective friends who wouldn’t let her go alone. Susan was working and couldn’t go.

“Are the baby and I okay?” questioned a worried Bree. She couldn’t help but worry at every single appointment.

“The baby is fine. I’m worried about you, however. Your blood pressure is a little high and that’s worrying me. It’s probably nothing, but I want you to be careful. If this doesn’t go down, I may have to put you on bed rest.”

Bree returned home and cried over what she perceived as a failure. The high blood pressure wasn’t her fault, but she felt like it was.

Lynette calmed her down, and then left to go home. She had to make dinner for Tom and the rest of the family.

It was only going to get worse for Bree, however.

The next few months weren’t going to go well.
Tags: character: bree van de kamp, character: gabrielle solis, character: lynette scavo, character: susan delfino, fandom: fanfic, fic: karl's last surprise, fic: multi-chaptered, pairing: bree/karl, tv: desperate housewives

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