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Fic: Karl's Last Surprise - 5/6

Title: Karl's Last Surprise
Author: klutzy_girl
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Graphic birth in this chapter
Word Count: 1,710
Characters/Pairings: Bree
Spoilers: Up to If...
Disclaimer: I don't own Desperate Housewives and never will. No copyright infringement intended.
SummaryBefore the plane crash, Karl left Bree with one last surprise. She's shocked by the news.

Previous Parts

In Bree’s seventh month of pregnancy, her high blood pressure finally caught up to her. It had been plaguing her for months, but something changed this time around.

She was having fun at a party held by Bob and Lee, talking to Tom when a sharp pain ran across her stomach. “You okay?” questioned a worried Tom. He was really overprotective of her, especially considering what had happened to Lynette during her pregnancy.

“I’m not sure,” Bree answered. This didn’t feel like Braxton-Hicks contractions. She was suddenly terrified.

“We’ll take you to the hospital just in case. It may be something, it may not be. But we’re going to be careful.” Tom grabbed Bree’s arm and led her over to Lynette.

Susan and Mike agreed to watch over Peyton until they knew for sure what was happening, but made Lynette promise to call them if anything was wrong.

“Bree, you’re in premature labor. We’re going to have to try and stop it,” the emergency room doctor informed her a little while later.

She couldn’t believe it. Bree had been so careful for the past several months. She had tried her best to relax and it was all for nothing. What if something happened to the baby? “What happens if you can’t stop my labor?”

“Then the baby will be rushed to the NICU. We’ll provide the best care that we can,” the doctor answered.

“I’ll call Susan,” Lynette decided. Everyone would want to be here for Bree. She needed their support right now.

Within half an hour, all of Bree’s friends were at the hospital were at the hospital for support. Susan refused to leave Bree’s side. She was the most supportive out of anything. In fact, Bree had asked her to go with into the delivery room a few months earlier, and Susan had told her yes.

“I hope they’re both okay,” a worried Julie said to Gaby. She was freaking out about Bree and her unborn half-sibling.

“They will be,” Gaby assured her. She hugged Julie, and then returned to one of the uncomfortable chairs.

“We’ll take care of both of them if something happens,” Carlos decided. The group had grown closer in the past few months.

The friends waited at the hospital for hours to hear news on Bree and the baby. They weren’t about to go anywhere. Tom had taken Peyton, MJ, and the Solis kids home a little while before, and was currently watching all of them. They didn’t need to be at the hospital.

Around 2:30 in the morning, Susan entered the waiting room. “It’s okay for now. The labor has been stopped, but they’re keeping her for observation. They don’t know when Bree will leave, but there will be certain restrictions after she’s discharged.” She was relieved now, although still terrified something else would go wrong.

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief. “We’ll come back in the morning. It’s late,” Lynette said. She had a baby at home who’d probably be waking up relatively soon.

“I’m going to stay here. Bree needs me,” Susan told Mike. She wasn’t about to leave Bree alone right now. That would be cruel.

“I understand. I’ll see you later.” Mike kissed his wife and followed the group out of the hospital. He’d probably come back with everyone else.

Bree was discharged two days later, but told to remain on bed rest. That left going home out of the question, so Susan and Mike offered to let her stay with them.

However, Andrew and Alex decided to temporarily move in with her. Alex was a doctor, and would be able to take care of her in an emergency.

“Thank you so much for taking care of me,” Bree told Andrew once they got home and she was in bed. Susan was going to come by every day to help her out a little bit, although Andrew and Alex were doing everything else.

“You don’t have to thank me. We like helping you out,” Andrew assured his mother. He wasn’t about to leave her alone now.

Bree turned on the TV and settled in to get comfortable. She was only allowed up to go to the bathroom and get a shower. This was going to drive her nuts, but Bree was okay with it. She wanted the baby to be healthy, and if this how they were going to do it, then she’d stay in bed for as long as she needed to.

Bree had a lot of help for the next two months. She stayed on bed rest and relaxed, for the baby. Bree tried to think of names, but had a hard time coming up with them. She decided to wait until it was time for delivery to name the baby.

A week before her due date, Bree’s doctor told her that her bed rest was finished with. Now that she was this close to delivery, she could actually be on her feet again. Becoming active again would probably kick-start the labor.

“I can’t believe I’m this close to having another baby,” Bree told Susan when she waddled over to the Delfinos’ house one day. The nursery was ready for Baby Mayer. Just yesterday, Bree had gone back to her maiden name of Mason. She didn’t want to be known by her married last names anymore. She was going to be single for awhile.

“I felt that way with both Julie and MJ.” Susan smiled at her. She couldn’t wait to meet Bree and Karl’s baby. She, like Bree, just wished Karl was still around to meet the baby, though.

“I still don’t have any names, but that’s okay. I’ll think of one after he or she is born.” Bree had some ideas, but had no clue what to do. It was odd for her to be able to pick out a name on her own. Rex had helped her choose Danielle and Andrew’s names.

Bree returned home around 8:00. She was exhausted and needed to sleep. This pregnancy was taking a lot out of her.

She woke up around 2:00AM to get something to eat, but noticed something was up. Bree got her answer when a contraction tore through her body. Her knees buckled and she would have collapsed if she hadn’t grabbed onto a chair. Bree found her cell phone and called Susan.

Half an hour later, the Delfinos and Bree were on their way to the hospital. They didn’t contact anyone else since it was still really early.

“I’m not getting an epidural,” Bree declared later in the morning. She was determined to have a natural childbirth.

“Good for you.” Susan was proud of Bree for having a natural childbirth. She wasn’t sure she’d be able to do that at fifty-three.

Around 11:00AM, the doctor came in. “Congratulations, Ms. Mason. You’re ten centimeters dilated. Time to get you into the delivery room.”

Bree exchanged a panicked look with Susan. She was terrified now. “I’ll be with you every step of the way,” Susan promised. She followed Bree into the delivery room.

“Ow. This hurts. If Karl wasn’t dead, I swear I’d break his hand right now!” Bree cried as she bore down and started to push.

Susan laughed despite herself, because she knew Bree would do it. Karl would definitely be regretting knocking up Bree by now if he was still alive. “Keep going, Bree. You’re doing so well.”

Bree leaned back as the contraction ended. As yet another contraction rippled through her body less than a minute later, she once again bore down and began pushing.

Feeling the baby move down inside of her was one of the worst feelings Bree had ever experienced. She hoped to never go through labor again. Bree had forgotten the pain of labor since she hadn’t experienced it in forever. “Ow. I can’t do this anymore,” she sobbed.

“Yes, you can, Bree. You can do this. Push as hard as you can,” Susan encouraged. She couldn’t wait to meet the baby.

Bree whimpered as yet another contraction began, so she bore down one more time and pushed as hard as she could. She groaned in pain as the baby finally crowned. “I’m tired,” she complained.

“I know you’re tired, Miss Mason, but you’re almost done. A few more pushes and this baby will be out,” the doctor told her.

“Shut up!” Bree groaned when another contraction started to build up. She bore down one more time and pushed.

Bree breathed a sigh of relief when the baby finally exited her body. “Congratulations, Miss Mason. You have a daughter,” the doctor informed her as the newborn was cleaned up and started to cry.

A few seconds later, Bree’s daughter was handed to her. “Hello, beautiful. I’m your mommy. This is Aunt Susan. I love you so much.” Bree sniffled and smiled at her friend. She was a mommy again. This was so surreal.

Three hours later, Andrew, Danielle, Julie, and Evan were allowed into the room to see the still unnamed newborn. “I’m proud of you, Mom,” Andrew told her.

Bree smiled. “Thank you, Andrew.” She couldn’t stop staring at her new daughter. She was so beautiful, and looked like Karl.

Soon enough, everyone filed out of the hospital and returned home. Bree was left alone with her daughter for so much. She told the baby all about Karl.

Three weeks later, Bree took the baby to visit Karl at the cemetery. She decided that the baby was old enough to be out on a trip.

“Karl, I’d like you to meet your daughter. Her name is Caroline Rebecca Mayer. I call her Carly. She’s so beautiful. I would have loved for you to meet her. We’d be really happy right now, Karl. I told Carly all about you. I miss you, and I love you. I love her, too. I know you would have, too. I’ll bring Carly back to visit you.”

Bree got up from the chair with Carly in her arms and followed Susan and Mike out of the cemetery. They had offered to take her to visit Karl.

Bree and Carly had so much to look forward to together, but they had the support of their friends and family.

They would never be alone.
Tags: character: bree van de kamp, character: susan delfino, fandom: fanfic, fic: karl's last surprise, fic: multi-chaptered, pairing: bree/karl, tv: desperate housewives

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