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FIC: Facing The Future - 1/1

Title: Facing The Future
Fandom: Castle
Author: klutzy_girl
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 560
Characters/Pairings: Beckett, Castle, Beckett/Castle
Disclaimer: I don't own Castle and never will. No copyright infringement intended.
Summary: Kate freaks out when her pregnancy test is positive.
Author's Note: I'm surprised there aren't more fics for the fandom where Beckett and Castle have kids. I decided to write one of my own. Enjoy!

Kate Beckett stared at the positive pregnancy test in her hands in shock. She and Castle were going to have a baby? But they hadn’t even talked about kids! Kate loved Alexis like she was her own, but she hadn’t thought about having a baby. Wow, this baby was part her and part Castle!

She had to talk to her fiancée about this. This was going to change their lives forever. Kate was terrified about becoming a mother. What if she screwed this up somehow? She took a deep breath and decided to go out into the living room to tell Castle. Luckily, Alexis was out with a friend and Martha was on a date.

“What’s up?” Castle questions. She looks terrified of something, and now he’s worrying about her. What if something’s wrong?

Kate sighed and threw the pregnancy test at him. “Surprise?” She was slightly terrified of his reaction for some reason.

Castle caught it easily and then his mouth dropped open once he realized what it was. “This is a pregnancy test? And it’s positive? You’re pregnant?” Holy crap, he was holding a positive pregnancy test in his hands. More specifically, Kate’s positive pregnancy test.

Kate nodded. “I’m pregnant,” she confirmed. She waited impatiently for Castle’s response. This was nerve wracking.

Castle broke out into a smile, stood up and then kissed his fiancé. “I love you and our baby. I’m so happy, Kate.” He couldn’t believe he was going to be a father again!

Kate smiled and sighed in relief. “I was worried you wouldn’t be happy. I’m scared, Rick. How can I be a mother?”

“Hey, don’t worry about it. You’re great with Alexis. And I know she’s a teenager, but you’ll be a great mom. Besides, you’ll have me. We’re going to be okay. I promise you that. I was scared when Meredith was pregnant with Alexis. I’m scared now, but that’s okay. I love you, Katherine Beckett. We’re going to have a baby. And that’s amazing.” Castle leaned over and kissed her again, putting his hand on her still-flat stomach.

“Really?” Kate was still terrified of this parenthood thing, but at least Castle was happy about her pregnancy. And she was glad that he knew what to do.

Castle nodded. “Really.” He brought her in for a hug, and the two sat down on the couch. Kate threw the pregnancy test in the trash first, though, since she didn’t want to hold onto it anymore.

The couple decided to talk about their wedding, occurring in two weeks, but the conversation kept drifting towards Kate’s pregnancy. “I need to make an appointment with my OB/GYN to confirm that I’m pregnant, and then we can talk some more about this,” Kate murmured. God, she still couldn’t believe she was pregnant.

“You’ll have to tell Captain Montgomery soon. Desk duty for you, which I’m sorry about. Especially since I probably won’t be able to go out into the field either.” Castle was extremely worried about her getting hurt now.

Kate sighed. “I know. Desk duty is going to suck, and I really don’t want to be on it, but I’ll have to be on it.”

There was a lot to be terrified of, but at least Kate and Rick would be able to get through their fears together.

They had so much to look forward to. 
Tags: character: kate beckett, character: rick castle, fandom: fanfic, fic: one-shot/drabble, pairing: beckett/castle, tv: castle

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