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Fic: Adjusting To Parenthood - 1/1

Title: Adjusting To Parenthood
Fandom: Chuck
Author: klutzy_girl
Word Count: 630
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairings: Chuck, Sarah, Casey, Kathleen, Chuck/Sarah, Casey/Kathleen
Disclaimer: I don't own Chuck and never will. No copyright infringement intended.
Summary: Future fic. Chuck and Sarah Bartowski try to adjust to parenthood.
Author's Note: Written for thatjamiegirl , who requested Chuck/Sarah babies the other day. Hope you enjoy!

From the moment his wife handed him a positive pregnancy test, Chuck Bartowski was excited about becoming a father. Now, the babies were asleep in their bassinets and he couldn’t stop staring at them.

It had been a shock to learn that Sarah was pregnant, and the Bartowskis received another surprise when they learned they were having twins.

“How are they doing?” Sarah questioned as she walked into the living room. She couldn’t stand away to be away from her daughters for very long. They were only four days old, but Sarah couldn’t imagine life without them.

“Good,” Chuck whispered, smiling. He loved fatherhood so far, even with the sleepless nights. He didn’t mind those so much right now, but that was probably going to change pretty soon.

Suddenly, one of the Bartowski twins began to cry. Unfortunately for Chuck and Sarah, she woke up her sister, too. The two picked up their daughters. “I think Stella’s hungry,” Sarah informed her husband as she sat down.

“And I think Alice is cranky because her sister woke her up.” Chuck sat down again himself and began to rock Alice back and forth.

Luckily, both girls were asleep about twenty minutes later. Chuck and Sarah decided to relax for as long as they could. “I love you,” Sarah told him.

“Love you too.” Chuck would never get tired of telling her that. He was so lucky to have her in his life. And now Sarah was the mother of his children.

Their friends and family would be by later to visit, so the Bartowskis decided to enjoy their current alone time. It wasn’t going to last long. Casey and Kathleen would be arriving in an hour or so with Alex and Jake. Ellie, Captain Awesome, and their kids had visited this morning, but the couple knew that Ellie would be back. She adored her nieces. And Morgan would probably pop up any minute now, since he had declared himself the protector of Stella and Alice.

Before Chuck and Sarah knew it, the doorbell rang. They had fallen asleep. “I got it,” murmured the new mother. She reluctantly got off the couch and answered the door. It was Casey and Kathleen, arguing over whether or not they should have rang the doorbell in the first place.

“I’ve known them for years. Pretty sure I don’t need to ring the doorbell,” Casey said to his wife.

Alex rolled her eyes at her parents. “It’s the polite thing to do, John.” Kathleen would never get used to calling him John, since he was Alex, but she didn’t mind it so much. Calling for Alex would get pretty confusing with two of them around.

“So what are their full names?” questioned Alex after she picked up Stella. The twenty-four year old had only visited the Bartowskis once, and that had been in the hospital.

“Stella Eleanor and Allison Morgan Bartowski,” answered Chuck. Ellie and Morgan had both cried upon learning the girls’ middle names.

“They’re so nice. Congratulations again, you two.” Kathleen picked up Alice and smiled at the newborn.

“They are cute babies.” That came from Jake Casey, Kathleen and John’s three year old son.

“Thank you, sweetie.” Sarah adored Casey and Kathleen’s son. He was one of the main reason she knew she could do this motherhood thing in the first place.

After a little while, Chuck and Sarah’s friends left and they were alone with Stella and Alice again. It was nice for them to be a family of four.

The Bartowskis couldn’t wait to see what life with Stella and Alice was going to be like. Their daughters already seemed to have very distinct personalities.

Chuck, Sarah, Stella, and Alice were a very happy family. Nothing was going to tear them apart. 
Tags: character: chuck bartowski, character: john casey, character: kathleen mchugh, character: sarah bartowski, fandom: fanfic, fic: one-shot/drabble, pairing: casey/kathleen, pairing: chuck/sarah, tv: chuck

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