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Sunday and Monday night TV thoughts

I'm still watching Castle, so I'll talk about that later.

Desperate Housewives has been so amazing the past few weeks, and last night was no exception! I loved the episode. Poor Lynette at the end. I really hope Eddie doesn't have to deliver the baby. And I almost screamed when Gaby threw away the lasagna. So happy the girls took it out of the trash! Speaking of which, John Barrowman is very attractive, despite my hatred of Patrick. And despite hating Orson, I had to LOL at him trying to run over Andrew with his wheelchair. That was just hilarious. I can't believe next week is the season finale already! It seems like just yesterday it was the fifth season finale! I can't wait to find out what happens next week!

And oddly enough, Sam creeps me out more than Eddie. How is that even possible, since Sam hasn't killed anybody and Eddie has? 

Army Wives was pretty interesting last night. I loved the episode. I actually thought Aunt Edie was going to reveal a deep dark family secret, ala Michael was her son last night. Luckily, she didn't. Her storyline was still sad, though. And awww at Claudia Joy going to visit Amanda's grave! I also loved Frank and Jeremy's gift to Denise. And LOL at the fact that they're already hiding Catherine behind things. Next week looks pretty good, and I can't wait to see it!

In other AW news, Lifetime is considering an Army Wives spin-off! I'm not sure about that. It wouldn't be the same without Pamela, but the spin-off kinda sounds interesting.

Chuck was so good tonight! I thought the episode was amazing. Poor Chuck, having to deal with these Intersect problems. I awwwed at Sarah telling Chuck he loved him. I lol'd at the General being with a guy while talking to everyone the first time. DNW Shaw being alive. And Ellie has to find out the truth soon! There's no way they'll be able to hide it from her now, especially after she's been involved. The promo for next week has me excited about the episode!

Watched HIMYM after Chuck. The episode was hilarious, and I loved it, too. Poor Barney and his abandonment issues. I'm also glad that he's still in love with Robin! Wondered where that went. Mexican Wrestler!Ted was hilarious. I'm really happy that Robin came back! It's different without her. And yay for Marshall and Lily thinking about having a baby! Next week's the finale, right? I can't believe it's already here!

TBBT was odd tonight. I laughed at some parts. Poor Sick!Raj. I can't believe Elizabeth had sex with Leonard and wanted to with all of the boys! (Minus Sheldon, that is.) I did LOL at Penny saying something about slipping on a banana peel and getting her pregnant. Hopefully, next week will be better.

So that's it for TV for yesterday and today, except for Castle!

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