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My own thoughts about Supernatural

I loved this episode so much.

1) I love "Shook Me All Night Long", and am glad they played it, but the lyrics didn't really fit.

2) I'm happy that Dean's voice was hoarse when he first came back.

3) Aww at the Dean and Bobby reunion. I love that Bobby's full name is Robert Stephen/Steven Singer. I laughed when Bobby threw holy water in his face.

4) I love that Dean know what name to track Sam with for his new cell phone. He really does know his brother.

5) I think Sammy's sleeping with Ruby. I ship Sam/Ruby, so that's something good for me. I also ship Dean/Ruby, but that's irrelevant. How long do you think it is before Dean finds out?

6) I absolutely loved the hug with Sammy near tears and Dean just hugging his little brother tighter.

7) I didn't like Dean yelling at Sam, but I did love that he told his brother in a soft voice that he didn't have to apologize. When Dean asked Sam how much he had paid, I thought the same thing Sam did and thought he meant Kristy/Ruby.

8) In the diner exorcism scene, I was expecting Sam to start rattling off an exorcism. I was not expecting him to have powers. That was awesome.

General thoughts: My closed captioning (I have it on because I love it) listed Castiel as Castiello. It also kept freezing. This morning, I rewound by one and it went to the beginning. If I fast forwarded, it went to the end. I hope my DVR isn't malfunctioning on me, like it has been for awhile.

I love that the show is back, and I can't wait for next episode.
Tags: tv: supernatural

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