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FIC: Winchester Camping Trip - 1/1

Title: Winchester Camping Trip
Series: Life After Hunting
Fandom: Supernatural
Author: klutzy_girl
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1,034
Characters/Pairings: Dean, Sam, Lisa, Adam, Ben, Dean/Lisa
Author's Note: Written for the schmoop_bingo prompt camping.
Disclaimer: I don't own Supernatural and never will. No copyright infringement intended.
Summary: Takes place a year after Birth Of A Child. The Winchesters go camping, a trip which Sam and Dean are definitely against because of past hunting experiences.

Against Dean and Sam’s better judgment, the Winchesters were going camping. The trip had been Lisa and Ben’s idea. Lily was thirteen months old, and it’d be okay to take her along. Ben had first suggested it back when Lily was still a newborn, and everyone had rejected it then. Now they were going, and it was hopefully going to be fun. Adam was even joining his brothers, sister-in-law, and niece and nephew. His girlfriend, Natalia, whom he had moved in with a few months earlier, had decided to stay home.

“Lise, you sure you want to go?” Dean questioned. Camping never ended well for the Winchesters, and he was a little wary about this trip.

“Dean, I’m sure. Everything’s going to be okay.” She tried not to laugh. Lisa knew her husband and brother-in-law were nervous, but this was starting to get ridiculous.

“I packed up the car!” Sam announced. He had tried his best not to pack anything related to hunting, but it had been hard. What if they ran into something out in the woods?

“I made sure he didn’t pack anything that had to do with hunting,” Ben informed his mother. He had kept a close eye on his uncle and helped out when Sam packed up the car.

Lisa laughed. “I’m glad. Thanks, Kiddo.” She went to go pick up Lily from her high chair and take her into the car.

Sam and Dean were staring at their locked weapons chest when she returned. “I don’t think I’ve ever gone camping without weapons,” she heard Sam whisper.

“Me neither. It’s kind of making me nervous,” Dean whispered back. He was going to feel jittery all weekend about being weaponless.

Lisa sighed and then smiled. “Go ahead and take some weapons. I know it’ll make you feel better.” She knew exactly what they’d be like if they didn’t take weapons with them. It was just easier this way.

Sam and Dean sighed in relief. “Thanks, Lise,” he told her. He kissed both her and Lily before heading out to the car with the weapons. They’d have to hidden behind Lily’s stuff in the trunk.

“You’re welcome.” Lisa went out to the car and buckled Lily into the car seat. She was glad that she and Dean had a second car. The Impala was nice, but they never drove it when they had trips like this. It was just too hard.

The Winchesters arrived at their destination shortly afterwards. Ben immediately began to search for bugs to scare his mother with.

“Don’t go too far!” Dean called after his son. He didn’t want the teenager getting lost. Who knows what’s lurking in the woods?

“I won’t!” Ben struggled not to roll his eyes. He understood why his father was so overprotective, but he was thirteen. He could take care of himself.

Later that night, the Winchesters sat by a fire that Lisa and Adam had created. Lisa put her head on Dean’s shoulder. “This is nice, isn’t it?”

“It is.” Dean pushed hair back from his wife’s face and kissed her. It soon turned into an impromptu make out.

“Guys, can you not?” Adam didn’t want to see his brother and sister-in-law making out like that. It led to things he really didn’t want to picture, considering he had walked in on them a few too many times.

“I think we’re just going to have to sit here and watch.” Sam wasn’t really happy about that, but there wasn’t anywhere he could go to get away from this.

“Lily doesn’t need to see this,” Ben declared. He covered his sister’s eyes, but the baby batted his hands away. She giggled at his efforts to continue shielding her.

Dean and Lisa finally pulled apart. “Deal with it, guys. We’re newlyweds,” Lisa told them.

“That worked when you were actually newlyweds. You’ve been married for three years now,” Sam pointed out. It had also worked when Lisa was pregnant, but he wasn’t going to bring that up again. The thought of pregnant Lisa still scared him. He hoped Dean and Lisa didn’t have more kids for a few more years, if they were even planning on having more.

“He’s right, Lise. We can’t use the newlyweds excuse anymore. Let’s decide on another one.” Dean couldn’t help but laugh when she glared at Sam.

He put up his hands. “Sorry, Lisa! It’s the truth, though.” Sam ducked when Lisa attempted to throw a hot dog bun at him.

“I was going to eat that!” Ben cried. He had wanted another hot dog, and there were only a few more buns left.

“Sorry,” Dean said. He threw a marshmallow at Adam, but his little brother caught it and threw it back at Sam.

Making sure to avoid Lily, the Winchesters started an all out food fight with their marshmallows and anything else that was laying around.

“I’m exhausted. I can’t do this anymore,” a laughing Sam commented about ten minutes later. Luckily, they still had food left and they weren’t going to go hungry during the two days they had left of this trip.

“Me neither. It was fun, though. I totally won, Sammy.” Dean couldn’t help but tease Sam about that. Lisa had been the “winner” of the food fight, however.

“No, I did.” That came from Adam, who had cleaned himself up and was now rocking Lily to sleep. He got her to calm down sometimes.

“No, I think we can all agree that I won.” Ben wasn’t about to let his mom win. He had declared himself the winner.

“It was me, but I guess you three can fight over runner up.” Lisa giggled when Dean, Sam, Ben, and Adam all glared at her.

“Whatever. We’re going to have a ton of fun this weekend anyway.” Sam didn’t really care what happened on this trip. He just hoped that something to do with hunting didn’t show up out of the blue, because that would suck.

The entire weekend, the Winchesters sat around the campfire and had fun. Sam and Dean even told (untrue) ghost stories.

The weekend had been a success in Lisa’s eyes. She really couldn’t wait for their next trip.
Tags: character: adam milligan, character: ben braeden, character: dean winchester, character: lisa braeden, character: sam winchester, fandom: fanfic, fic verse: life after hunting, fic: multi-chaptered, fic: schmoop_bingo, pairing: dean/lisa

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