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FIC: Cuddling - 1/1

Title: Cuddling
Series: Life After Hunting
Fandom: Supernatural
Author: klutzy_girl
Word Count: 721
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: Dean/Lisa, Dean, Lisa, Castiel, Bobby
Disclaimer: I don't own Supernatural and never will. No copyright infringement intended.
Author's Note: Set about two years before Birth Of A Child. The prompt for schmoop_bingo was cuddling while sick.
Summary: Everyone except Lisa is sick. She calls in reinforcements.

Dean Winchester felt like crap. Ben had just started school again and had brought home a bug. He had been sick for the past two weeks, and the illness had spread through the house.

Having recently returned from Hell, Sam’s immune system was on the fritz and he had been the first to get sick after Ben. An emergency room trip had been required for him, as he had bronchitis, but Sam was finally starting to recover.

Lisa had been the second one to get sick, but she hadn’t been as bad as Sam, which everyone was grateful for. She and Dean had taken turns caring for Sam, but now Lisa was the only healthy one in the house. She was exhausting herself taking care of Ben, Dean, and Sam. Lisa really wished Adam was here, but he was currently on vacation with some friends. He wouldn’t be back for another week or so.

“Castiel, get down here!” she called. Lisa had only met the angel a few times, but she knew he’d help. He always did.

He appeared a few seconds later, surprising Lisa. “What do you need?” he questioned.

“Castiel, I thought Dean and I have told you about personal space before,” Lisa reminded him. She struggled not to laugh. Despite being told many times, the angel really didn’t grasp personal space too much. It was hilarious, though.

“Lisa, what did you call me down here for?” He had been busy trying to help out God with something. Chuck had told him to not worry, and go down and see what Dean’s fiancée had wanted, however.

“Everyone in this house but me is sick. I need some help. Figured you were up for the job,” she explained. Lisa knew that Castiel cared for the Winchesters. He was their friend, after all.

“They are my friends, but I don’t think I could care for them like you. Would you be offended if I brought Bobby Singer here?” Castiel really liked being friends with Sam and Dean, but didn’t want to take care of them when they were like this. He knew what a sick Dean was like.

Lisa sighed. “Fine. Go get Bobby.” She understood why Castiel didn’t want to stay, but she had figured she’d at least try to convince him to stay.

Bobby and Castiel appeared in the living room about twenty minutes later. “Don’t do that again!” Bobby said to the angel. He didn’t like Angel Express.

“I apologize,” Castiel informed him and disappeared from the house. Lisa knew he’d be back to check on Sam and Dean later, though. “I’m going crazy. Sam, Dean, and Ben are all sick, and I can’t take care of all three of them,” she informed the boys’ surrogate father.

“Don’t worry. I’ve taken care of a sick Sam and Dean plenty of times. You just worry about that boy of yours.” Bobby headed into the kitchen while Lisa ran upstairs to check on her son. “

“How are you feeling, Baby?” she questioned. A moan gave her all the answer she needed.

“I want to go see Dad,” Ben murmured. He then began to cough.

“I know you do, but he’s sick too.” Lisa knew that Ben would just continue to whine about seeing Dean though, so she helped him out of the bed and took him into her and Dean’s bedroom.

“What’s going on?” Dean asked. Despite being in bed, he still refused to admit he was sick.

“I want to stay in here with you.” Ben crawled into the bed next to his father.

Lisa wanted to take a picture of the two, but knew they’d be denying this ever happened once they were better anyway. Bobby was helping out with Sam, so she got in the bed. Lisa was in the middle of Dean and Ben.

“What are you doing, Lise? I’m fine. Go take care of Sammy.” Even sick, Dean was still worried about his younger brother.

She smiled. “Shut up and deal with the cuddling, Dean.” Lisa had her arm wrapped around Dean and the other was wrapped around Ben. She was comfortable.

The three fell asleep like that. Dean continued to complain about the cuddles, but he never threw Lisa’s arm off him.

Cuddling became a tradition in the Winchester household for future illnesses.
Tags: character: ben braeden, character: bobby singer, character: castiel, character: dean winchester, character: lisa braeden, character: sam winchester, fandom: fanfic, fic verse: life after hunting, fic: multi-chaptered, fic: schmoop_bingo, pairing: dean/lisa, tv: supernatural

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