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FIC: Missing Auggie - 1/1

Title: Missing Auggie
Fandom: Covert Affairs
Author: klutzy_girl
Word Count: 632
Characters/Pairings: Annie, Danielle, Annie/Auggie
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I don't won Covert Affairs and never will. No copyright infringement intended.
Summary: After Auggie dies, Annie falls apart. Danielle tries to help her sister.

The day that Auggie dies in her arms, killed by an enemy, Annie falls apart. She refuses to leave their apartment for weeks after the funeral. She just doesn’t care anymore.

Danielle stops by everyday to check on her sister. She refuses to give up. “Auggie wouldn’t want you to mourn him like this,” she gently tells the crying Annie. Danielle has never been more worried about her. Annie’s scaring her.

“I miss him, Danielle. I want him back.” This is hurting Annie worse than it did when Ben disappeared on her. She never knew she could feel this way.

“I know you do, sweetie. But you have two nieces who love you very much and want to see you.” Danielle is not above using her daughters to get Annie to leave.

“I don’t want to see anyone.” Annie is perfectly content staying in her apartment all day long. What’s the harm in that?

“Anne Catherine Walker-Anderson, you will get dressed now and you’re coming with me. I’m not taking no for an answer. Go!” Danielle glared at her until Annie did what she wanted her to.

“Fine. I don’t have to like it, though.” Annie misses Auggie so much. He was her best friend for three years, her boyfriend for two years, and her husband for the past year and a half. She sometimes wakes up thinking she’s had a nightmare about Auggie dying, only to discover that she wasn’t dreaming.

Annie reluctantly followed her sister out of the apartment building and struggled not to cry as Danielle drove them to her house.

“Auggie loved you so much, Annie. It hurts to breathe, I get that, but you have to move on. He’d want you to,” Danielle soothed. She didn’t want to scare Annie away, and that was definitely a possibility.

“Everything reminds me of him. I can’t even get a pot of coffee without remembering something that we did! I don’t want to move on. Auggie was it for me.” Annie sometimes wishes she had never joined the CIA and met Auggie Anderson. Then again, she wouldn’t have found out what happened with Ben and it would have driven her crazy for the rest of her life.

“I know you don’t want to move on. Auggie always told me that if something happened to him, he’d want you to be happy. There’s no harm in mourning him, but you also need to do something other than sit in that apartment for twenty-four hours a day. Go back to work. Go for a jog in the park. Do something,” Danielle encouraged.

“I’ll try, but I can’t make any promises.” Annie just wanted to stay in the comfort of her own apartment for the time being. She’d do something that Danielle wanted in a few days, when she worked up the courage.

“That’s all I ask. Now let’s go watch a movie.” Danielle and Annie went into the living room and sat down on the couch to watch a movie with the girls.

Annie had a long road ahead of her, but she’d be able to get through Auggie’s death with the help of Danielle and her friends from work.

Auggie’s death was always going to haunt Annie, but she knew she’d be okay. After all, she soon found out he had left her with a parting gift before dying.

Annie eventually remarried and was extremely happy with her husband, but she thought of Auggie every single day.

He was going to be in her heart and mind forever. There was no denying that. Auggie had been the love of her life.

Annie had fallen apart, but with the help of Danielle, had picked herself back up.

She had come out through the other side stronger than she had ever been before.
Tags: character: annie walker, character: auggie anderson, character: danielle brooks, fandom: fanfic, fic: one-shot/drabble, pairing: annie/auggie

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