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FIC: Meeting A Lost Love - 1/1

Title: Meeting A Lost Love
Series: Life After Hunting
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1,077
Characters/Pairings: Sam, Dean, Lisa, Adam, Dean/Lisa, Sam/Sarah
Disclaimer: I don't own Supernatural and never will. No copyright infringement intended.
Author's Note: Written for the schmoop_bingo prompt long lost love. Takes place before Eighteenth Birthday. I hope you enjoy!
Summary: Sam runs into Sarah Blake at the grocery store.

Sam Winchester needed to pick to go to the grocery store. Lisa didn’t want to go because there was no one to watch the kids and Dean was working, so he got the job. “What do you need me to get?” he questioned his sister-in-law.

“Hold on a second. I’m making the list now. Really hope I don’t forget anything.” Lisa smiled at him and then handed the list over a few minutes later.

“Can I get anything that’s not on the list?” Sam loved picking up the occasional item for his nieces and nephews that weren’t on the list.

Lisa glared at him. “No, you can’t. You spoil them way too much, Kiddo.” She didn’t mind, though. She thought it was cute how much Sam and Adam spoiled the kids.

“Fine.” Sam gave her a quick hug and then headed towards the Impala. Dean let him drive the car more often now, since the kids couldn’t all fit into it. He and Lisa used the car when they went out somewhere by themselves.

He was in the freezer section looking for a pizza and not watching where he was going when Sam collided with another grocery cart. “I’m so sorry,” apologized the woman.

Sam looked up pretty quickly because that voice was familiar to him. “Sarah Blake?” the surprised man asked.

Sam and Sarah stared at each other in shock for a few minutes. “Sam Winchester? I haven’t seen you in years!” The little girl holding her hand hid behind her.

“Who’s this?” Sam asked, squatting down. He smiled at the shy little girl. She still refused to leave her mother’s side.

Sarah looked down at her daughter. “This is Rowan, my daughter. She’s four and not usually this shy. What are you doing in Cicero?”

“Hi Rowan!” Sam stood back up and started talking to Sarah. “I live here with Dean, his wife, and their kids. What are you doing in Cicero?” He had expected to never see her again. Sam had thought of her in the years since the hunt he had met her on, but he thought they’d never talk again.

Sarah did a double take at that. “Dean’s married and has kids? Huh. Well, I split up with Rowan’s father and we decided to make a fresh start. I decided to choose a random town on the map and picked Cicero. Quite a coincidence, I think. A nice one, too.”

“I’m glad you chose Cicero. Hey, you want to come back and eat dinner with us? I’m sure Lisa won’t mind.” At least Sam hoped his sister-in-law wouldn’t mind. She’d probably be happy he was bringing someone home, though. Lisa had tried to set him up several times over the years, but nothing had worked out.

Sarah smiled again as Rowan finally come out from behind her. “What do you say, Baby? You want to go eat dinner at Sam’s house?” She had already decided she wanted to go, but would say no if Rowan declined. Her daughter’s opinion was important to her.

Rowan nodded. “I wanna go, Mommy.” She liked the really tall guy that her mother was talking to. He seemed really nice.

“It’s decided then. We’ll be thrilled to come over for dinner.” She and Sam exchanged phone numbers and addresses, and then went their separate ways. Both still had to shop some more.

When Sam got home, he immediately went to tell Lisa. “I ran into a girl I met on a hunt years ago and invited her and her daughter to dinner. I hope that’s okay.” He looked sheepishly at her, afraid of his sister-in-law’s reaction.

Lisa squealed. “What’s she like? What’s her name? What’s her daughter’s name? What does she do? How’d you meet on a hunt?” She couldn’t stop the questions. Lisa was curious about the woman that Sam wanted to come over for dinner. He hardly ever dated, something Dean had to say had to do with being burned before. Lisa could understand that, but she wanted Sam to be happy.

Sam laughed at her enthusiasm and began answering each question as best as he could. “So it’s definitely okay to have her over?”

“Of course it’s okay. I can’t wait to meet her!” Lisa rushed to the kitchen to start making dinner. While in there, she called Dean and informed him about what was going to happen.

Sarah and Rowan rang the doorbell around 4:30. Lisa was still cooking dinner, and it wouldn’t be ready until 5:30, when Dean came home from work. “You look nice,” Sam observed.

“Hi Mr. Sam!” cried Rowan. The shyness from earlier seemed to have disappeared.

“Hi Rowan. I want you to meet my nieces and nephew. I think you’ll get along with them,” Sam told her. He introduced Rowan, Lily, Drew, and Daphne to each other. The kids ran off to play until dinner was ready.

“It’s so nice to meet you, Sarah. Tell me all about how you met Sam and Dean,” Lisa said to her. The two women went into the kitchen to talk.

Soon enough, Adam and wife Natalia and Dean showed up. Natalia went into the kitchen to talk with Lisa and Sarah.

“She’s pretty nice,” Adam said to Sam as he came back from the kitchen with beers in his hands. He handed one to Sam and another to Dean.

“I like her,” Sam admitted. He could actually see himself in a relationship again for the first time in years. He didn’t even mind that she had a daughter. Rowan was adorable and just a bonus.

Dean smiled. “That’s my boy!” Like Lisa, he just wanted Sam to be happy. And if Sarah and Rowan provided that happiness, then he was happy.

Lisa and Natalia made sure that Sam and Sarah had seats right next to each other so they could talk through dinner. “Marry her,” Lisa whispered to her brother-in-law before going to pick something up from the counter that she had forgotten.

“You really should,” Natalia said. She smiled and dug into her dinner. She was starving.

Sam and Sarah talked all throughout dinner, and he even listened to Rowan’s rambling on random topics. He loved the little girl already.

Because of a chance meeting at the grocery store, Sam and Sarah reconnected. They went on a few dates together before they became a couple.

That day at the grocery store had changed everything for Sam Winchester and Sarah Blake.
Tags: character: adam milligan, character: dean winchester, character: lisa braeden, character: sam winchester, character: sarah blake, fandom: fanfic, fic verse: life after hunting, fic: multi-chaptered, fic: schmoop_bingo, pairing: dean/lisa, pairing: sam/sarah

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