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FIC: Loving Someone Else - 1/1

Title: Loving Someone Else
Fandom: Scoundrels
Author: klutzy_girl
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 462
Characters/Pairings: Cheryl, Mack, Cheryl/Mack, references to past Cheryl/Wolf
Disclaimer: I don't own Scoundrels and never will. No copyright infringement intended.
Author's Note: I find it ironic that I started watching for David James Elliott and ended up hating Wolf. I love Cheryl/Mack so much!
Summary: Cheryl loved Wolf for so long, but she never meant to fall in love with Mack.

Cheryl was in love with Wolf for so long that him going to jail felt like a betrayal. And she couldn’t admit it to herself for a long time. Cheryl and Wolf committing crimes were the reason their kids were so screwed up – Why Heather had gone off and married a celebrity. That marriage had only lasted three years, but it had produced a grandson for Cheryl. She adored that little boy so much.

Falling in love with James Mack was a mistake, something Cheryl still regretted, but she didn’t care. She was actually happy with Mack. He had confessed to framing Wolf and had resigned from the police force. The guilt had gotten to him. He was now a private investigator. Cheryl’s kids had all hated Mack at first, especially since he had framed their father, but they eventually started to like him.

With Cal in jail, Cheryl’s saving graces had been Logan, Heather, and Hope after Wolf had walked out on her. She begged for forgiveness from her husband, but he wouldn’t accept it. The appeal didn’t do much good when he committed another crime out of revenge and ended up in jail for longer than five years.

It was Hope who convinced her to file for divorce, saying she knew her mother wasn’t happy and she should be. Cheryl later heard that Wolf had been furious upon being served with the divorce papers, but he had signed them. And Cheryl West was free from a marriage she thought she had been happy in.

Living a life without committing crimes proved to be easy when Wolf didn’t try to stop them at every turn. Sure, Hope tried to commit a few, but she stopped once she realized she was hurting her mother by doing so.

And two years after learning Mack framed Wolf, Cheryl forgave him. They started dating shortly afterwards, and married a year later. Although her children had the West last name, Cheryl didn’t want to be a West anymore. She became Cheryl Mack.

Mack treated her really well. He had later confessed that he hadn’t fallen in love with her until after Wolf had been sent to jail. The former police officer had just wanted the best for the Wests, and figured they could do well if Wolf was out of the picture. He still felt guilty about it, even six years later.

Cheryl wished she had never fallen in love with James Mack, but it was too late now. He was all wrong for her, but so what? They were happy together.

“What are you thinking about?” Mack questioned, coming into the living room.

Cheryl smiled at her husband. “Just how much I love you,” she answered.

Cheryl was happier now than she ever had been.
Tags: character: cheryl west, character: mack, fandom: fanfic, fic: one-shot/drabble, pairing: cheryl/mack, tv: scoundrels

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