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FIC The Secret Life Of Lily Aldrin - 1/1

Title: The Secret Life Of Lily Aldrin
Fandoms: How I Met Your Mother, Buffy
Author: klutzy_girl
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 580
Characters/Pairings: Lily/Marshall, Lily/Willow, Marshall
Disclaimer: I don't own either How I Met Your Mother or Buffy The Vampire Slayer. No copyright infringement is intended.
Summary: Lily Aldrin has been hiding a secret from her friends for years - She's Willow Rosenberg.

Lily Aldrin was hiding a big secret from her friends, one she hoped they never found out. She loved her life now. She didn’t want to go back to her old life.

After Willow helped Angel save Los Angeles from the Senior Partners, the Powers That Be had offered her a new life in an alternate universe. After talking it over with her friends, Willow had accepted their offer. She was sent to an alternate universe with no magic where she was stripped of her powers and became Lily Aldrin.

Lily loved her life now. Sure, she occasionally missed Buffy, Giles, Dawn, and Xander, but she was happy. Besides, Fred and Wesley were in this universe with her. After their deaths, they had also agreed to be sent to an alternate universe. They hadn’t known about each other until Lily met Penelope and realized who she really was. Last time Lily had talked to them, “Sandy Rivers” and Penelope were married and expecting their second child. She was thrilled that Wesley and Fred had finally found happiness.

Lily tried not to think about her old life too much, but it bled through sometimes. On the anniversary of Tara’s death, she locked herself in her bedroom and cried for hours. If Lily was working, she called off, claiming a personal day. Marshall had no clue why his wife did it, but he knew enough not to question her on it.

She loved Marshall so much, though. He was her soul mate. She was glad to be starting a family with him. This was a great life, even though there was no magic anywhere. Lily loved that there was no magic, and therefore no temptation to do anything bad magic-wise.

Lily loved Ted, Robin, and even Barney, too. They were her best friends now. She wished she had met them earlier, because they were all great people. Even Barney was a sweet person deep down. Barney and Robin were meant to be together. She wished she could convince them of that!

Lily is glad to never have to stop another Apocalypse. She’s excited that she has never has to deal with a demon or vampire again. It’s nice to just sit back and finally relax and not think of the supernatural. She’s glad to be without her powers. She doesn’t want to worry about turning into Dark Willow again. In fact, Lily loves being completely human.

She is determined to make sure that nothing ruins her life here. And so far, it’s working for Lily. Nothing really bad has husband. Marshall is her soul mate, and Robin is her best friend. Ted and Barney are her closest friends after Marshall and Robin. And she might be a teensy bit attracted to Robin, but nothing will ever happen in that department anyway.

“What are you thinking about, Lilypad?” asked Marshall. His wife had been zoned out for the past ten minutes or so, and he was worried about her.

Lily smiled at her husband. “Nothing. Just what I have to do in school on Monday,” she lied. She really did need to start planning for next week, but she’d do her lesson plans on Sunday.

If Lily had her way, her past was going to remain a secret. No one needed to know about Willow Rosenberg and the supernatural.

But that won’t get Lily’s way. Her secret won’t remain a secret forever. They have a way of getting out, and she’s no exception.
Tags: character: lily aldrin, character: marshall eriksen, character: willow rosenberg, fandom: fanfic, fic: one-shot/drabble, pairing: marshall/lily, tv: buffy, tv: himym

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