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FIC: Meeting Lisa's Family - 1/1

Title: Meeting Lisa's Family
Series: Life After Hunting
Fandom: Supernatural
Word Count: 1,319
Characters/Pairings: Dean, Ben, Lisa, Dean/Lisa
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I don't own Supernatural and never will. No copyright infringement intended.
Author's Note: Written for schmoop_bingo , prompt holiday - meeting the extended family.
Summary: Dean meets Lisa's family for the first time at Thanksgiving.

It was Dean and Lisa’s first Thanksgiving as a couple, and they were going to her parents’ house to celebrate. Lisa’s three sisters and their families would also be there. Dean was going to meet everyone for the first time, something he was terrified of. He didn’t do family holidays, except with Sam. And Dean didn’t really want to think of Sam right now. It hurt too much to think about his dead younger brother.

“It’s going to take forever to get there,” Ben complained to his mother as she and Dean started to pack up the car. Lisa was originally from Ohio.

“It’s only five hours, Kiddo,” Dean told him, smiling. Five hours was nothing compared to how far he and Sam had to travel. And there he went thinking about Sam again. He had to stop doing that.

“That’s a really long time to be stuck in the car.” Ben hated long car rides. Why couldn’t they have taken a plane?

“Because Dean is terrified of flying, remember?” Lisa told her son. He had said that last part out loud.

“Oh yeah.” Ben sighed and got in the car. He took out his gaming system and started to play it. Dean got in the driver’s side a few minutes later, and the three took off for Ohio.

Dean, Lisa, and Ben didn’t get to Cleveland for another seven hours. They stopped off once to eat and then Lisa and Ben needed rest steps. Dean wasn’t used to stopping so often, but he didn’t mind.

They pulled up to Lisa’s parents’ house in the early afternoon. Lisa knocked on the doorbell, and then entered. Ben and Dean followed her in.

“Lisa, Benjamin!” cried Lisa’s mother, Patricia. She hugged the both of them and then shook Dean’s hand.

Mom, this is my boyfriend, Dean Winchester.” Castiel didn’t come down very often, but he had erased Dean’s (and Sam’s, even though he was dead) criminal record. He was now free to use his real name name in the normal world.

“Nice to meet you, Mrs. Braeden.” Dean had met Cassie’s parents, and it had been just as awkward as this.

“Oh, Dean, it’s nice to meet you, too. And call me Trish! None of this Mrs. Braeden crap. My husband’s in the living room watching TV. Benjamin, go put your stuff in the guest bedroom.” Trish beamed at her grandson and Ben left the room.

“So, when’s everyone supposed to get here?” Lisa asked her mom. She hoped everything went well today.

“Kelly’s due around 6:00 tonight. Eleanor and Vera aren’t supposed to arrive until tomorrow morning sometime. They wouldn’t give me a time. You know your sisters.” Kelly was Lisa’s older sister, while Eleanor and Vera were younger than her.

“That’s great, Mom.” Lisa pulled Dean into her childhood bedroom before they went into the living room to meet her father.

“So, your mom’s nice.” Dean liked Trish Braeden. She seemed like an awesome person.

Lisa beamed at him. “Mom loves you, I can tell! This is great, Dean. And you’re doing very well, by the way.” She was proud of her boyfriend for panicking.

“Thanks, Lise.” Dean kissed her and the two left for the living room. Ben was on the couch watching TV with his grandfather.

“Dad, this is my boyfriend, Dean. Dean, this is my father, Will.” Lisa waited in anticipation of what was about to happen. Her father had hated every single one of her boyfriends.

“So you’re the man who’s living with my daughter and grandson. You treating them well?” Will eyed Dean critically.

“Yes I am, Mr. Braeden. They’re both very important to me.” Dean was ready to bolt because of the way Lisa’s father was staring at him.

Will broke out in a grin. “I’m glad then. Ben and Lisa have done nothing but rave about you, and that’s rare coming from my grandson. He’s hated Lisa’s boyfriends before, except for you. Welcome to the family!” Will slapped Dean on the shoulder and invited him to sit down with him to watch TV. A still terrified Dean agreed and started watching a show with Ben and Will.

Around 6:30, a car pulled up in the driveway, honking its horn. Lisa rolled her eyes. “That’s my brother-in-law, Brian. He does this every single time we all meet up,” she explained to Dean.

Lisa’s sister was the first one of the car, but she headed for the back. She pulled a baby out of a car seat and grabbed a younger child’s hand. Kelly, Brian, and their kids entered the house a few minutes later. Kelly and Lisa squealed upon seeing each other. Kelly handed the baby off to her impatient mother and hugged her younger sister. “It’s so nice to see you, Lise!” Kelly hadn’t seen Lisa since their parents’ Memorial Day picnic.

“You too, Kel!” Lisa hated how she turned into this girly girl when faced with her sisters. It happened every single time!

Kelly looked over at Dean. “You must be my sister’s boyfriend. God, Lise, you weren’t kidding all those years ago. He is hot! You chose really well!” Dean blushed, against his will. God, what was happening here?

The next morning, Lisa and Kelly were the first ones up to help their mother start dinner. Thanksgiving was a pretty important holiday in the Braeden household. Dean, Ben, Will, and Brian were forced out of the kitchen, but Will sneaked back in to help. No one kicked him out, so it was fine.

At 11:05AM, another car pulled up. This time it was Lisa’s sister Eleanor with her girlfriend, Matilda. “I can’t wait for turkey!” Matilda raved as soon as the introductions were held once again.

“Turkey is definitely going to be good,” Dean agreed. He had just eaten fifteen minutes earlier, but didn’t care. Food was always awesome. He really couldn’t wait for the pie, though.

Twenty minutes after Eleanor’s arrival, Vera got to the Braeden house. The four Braeden sisters happiily reunited. They hadn’t all been in the same house together since last Christmas. A lot had changed in the past eleven months.

During dinner, Dean looked around the table and wished Sam was there with him. He’d appreciate all of this sentimental holiday crap. “You okay?” asked a worried Lisa.

“Fine,” Dean lied. He didn’t want to ruin his girlfriend’s Thanksgiving by telling her he missed his younger brother.

Lisa grabbed his hand. “It’s okay to miss him now, Dean. Nobody will fault you for that. Love you.” She kissed him and then went back to eating.

“What’s going on?” asked a confused Eleanor. She was sitting across the table from Dean, Lisa, and Ben, and had no idea what was going on.

Ben sighed. “Dean’s brother died a few months ago and he’s sad,” the pre-teen explained to his aunt. He wished Dean wasn’t so depressed.

“Oh, I’m sorry.” Eleanor wanted to reach across the table and hug Dean. He looked like he missed this dead brother.

“I’m dealing with it.” Dean didn’t want to talk about Sam and ruin everyone’s day. He’d just be miserable by himself.

“You don’t have to grieve alone.” Kelly gave him a sad smile. She hoped to never understand what Dean was going through, but she could sympathize.

The conversation took another turn when Ben distracted everyone from Dean. Dinner ended up going well, and nothing was ruined.

Later that night, while laying in bed with Lisa and full from all of today’s food, Dean thought about his girlfriend’s parents and sisters.

He could get used to this family holiday thing. He hoped to spend some more events with Lisa’s family. Dean just really wished Sam was there to celebrate with them. And their parents. He’d bet Will and Trish would get along with Mary and John.

Family was something Dean was going to end up loving in the future.
Tags: character: ben braeden, character: dean winchester, character: lisa braeden, fandom: fanfic, fic verse: life after hunting, fic: schmoop_bingo, pairing: dean/lisa, tv: supernatural

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