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Mega spoiler post!

So, I've gathered a list of spoilers about the shows I'm most excited for this September! I've been wanting to make this post for awhile, but wanted to wait until after Comic-Con, which is spoiler-central.

The Office - Jenna Fischer's pregnant, so Pam and Jim are having another baby in season eight. I'm excited. It makes sense for the storyline! Why should they hide it? Plus, it's easier to explain Pam going on maternity leave when Jenna does instead of making up some random reason for Pam being gone for several episodes. I think Baby Tuna #2 will be a boy named after Jenna's son, like CeCe was named after her niece. Plus, after PDA aired last season, I called that if they wrote in Jenna's pregnancy, it'd be a result of this episode. I honestly didn't expect to be right, but I was! I'm kinda eh about James Spader. I didn't really like Robert California. But according to Jenna, he and Pam are have a storyline together.That should be interesting and non-pregnancy related. And I can't wait to find out who the new manager is. I hope it's Jim, but I doubt it.

I'm just so excited for season seven! Colin Ford, and most likely Brock Kelly, are both returning this year, so yay! And I absolutely cannot wait for the episode that Jensen's directing. He did such a good job with "Weekend At Bobby's", which is one of my favorite episodes. And I can't wait to see how they resolve the Castiel storyline. I hope they redeem him. But Death is appearing in episode one, so they might kill him? Who knows. I hope they make him human or something. That would be interesting! And Sam's supposed to be having issues after his wall came down, so yay for that! I really can't wait for that storyline. It's going to be awesome! And Kim Rhodes is also returning, and one of her Tweets made me hope for Bobby/Sheriff Mills. And oh my God the spoilers that came out of Comic Con! Sam's psyche is going to be damaged because of the wall breaking! I cannot wait for that. And Chuck was basically confirmed as God and there's Cas in more than two episodes and Jo returning. aslkdfjasl;kdfjasdkfj asdlfkjasd SEASON SEVEN WILL BE AWESOME.

- I'm excited for season seven. Hate that we have to wait until November to see it, though, but it's understandable because of Emily's pregnancy. Based on spoilers for 7.02, like fandom predicted, Baby Brennan-Booth is a girl! We're all pretty excited about that. And Booth/Brennan are finally together and it's very als;kdfjaskdjfalsdf. I'm still slightly in shock over that. And of course, there's baby Michael. TJ posted a picture of Michael's shoes and they're so cute! I don't think the show is going to be baby central. Based on spoilers, there's a lot of focus on the case, too, and not just Brennan's pregnancy/Booth and Brennan's relationship. It's going to be a long wait until November, but at least spoilers are keeping us excited.

How I Met Your Mother
The storyline I'm most excited about is Barney's wedding. I'm 100% convinced Robin is The Bride. Otherwise, things won't end well if she isn't. I can't wait to find out for sure, though. I desperately want Barney/Robin back together. I love them so freaking much. I'm excited to see what Robin in love with Barney is like. We've only seen it from Barney's side of things for very long. I'm desperately hoping Nora and Kal Penn (Barney and Robin's love interests this season) don't hang around for very long. And of course, Lily's pregnancy. Based on a mention a few seasons ago that Marshall quit smoking when he has a son, I assumed this baby would be a boy. But Craig Thomas said something in an interview to TV Guide that made me think the baby might be a girl. I don't know! But it'll be interesting to see how the group deals with this. And I really think season eight will be it for the show. I can't see it lasting longer than the next two seasons. Lily's pregnancy makes it the third pregnancy on TV this season. (Although Pam will probably give birth in November and Brennan will probably have a December baby.) Thank you, random celeb baby boom this year.

- Not much is known about season nine so far, except that EJ is back for at least one episode. Ugh. Can Tiva ever happen? Will Abby and McGee ever get back together? What I'm most excited about is Lily Tomlin being cast as McGee's grandmother. I'm looking forward to a McGee storyline. He hasn't really had one in a long time.

Castle -
There's pictures of Castle and Beckett on swings and talking about something. Can't wait to see whatever that scene is. I'm looking forward to the repercussions of Castle telling Kate that he loves her. And the new captain should be interesting. I cannot remember whether it's canon or fanon that she doesn't like Castle hanging around the precinct, but either way, can't wait. And Castle and Josh get into a fight in the hospital, so that should be interesting to see! I really hope Josh and Beckett break up quickly. And there's going to be a Ghostbusters-themed Halloween episode and 3XK killer is returning, both of which I'm really excited about!

Chuck -
In the fifth and final season, Morgan is supposed to keep the Intersect. Not sure how I feel about that. I like the idea that Sarah, Chuck, and everyone else has their own spy agency now. Casey's supposed to get a new love interest, but I really want him to end up with Kathleen. And Morgan/Alex need to stay together and get married. LOL at the thought of Morgan being Casey's son-in-law. I'm going to miss this show so much, but at least they have enough time to end it instead of us worrying that it's going to be cancelled every year. It was pretty stressful. I'm hoping that Sarah is pregnant in the series finale. I don't want that beforehand. Also, Jeffster is supposed to have issues, but they're getting one last song, so yay for that! I nearly started crying when Zac teared up during Comic-Con yesterday.

Criminal Minds - JJ and Emily are both back. Nothing more exciting than that! Season seven is already better than season six for that fact alone. Poor Reid is supposed to have issues with Emily because she faked her death. And not much else is known. The team's back together and it's awesome.

Desperate Housewives - What I'm angry about is the Tom/Lynette storyline. Why do they have to date anyone? They were the one stable couple of the show and Marc ruined that! I literally cried when they broke up in the season finale. And can Bree ever stay single? I'm still bitter they killed off Karl instead of Orson, especially when Kyle left last year anyway. Tom/Lynette better not divorce, I swear. And this might be the last season, and I'm okay with that. It's definitely time for it to end.

Grey's Anatomy/Private Practice - The GA season premiere is about a sinkhole in Seattle, which is supposedly symbolic of something. It seems like an interesting storyline, so I can't wait for that. Derek/Meredith need to resolve their issues and get back together. And on PP, Addison and Sam are moving in together, which makes me angry. She wants a kid and he does not. How is their relationship ever supposed to work? Honestly, Addison. They should have stayed broken up. And poor Amelia continues her descent into drugs and alcohol. I hope she gets the help she needs. Maybe Derek will come over for another crossover to help his sister.

Community - The spoilers coming out of Comic-Con are awesome. Jeff will graduate, Jeff/Britta will continue their will they or won't they type relationship, Troy and Abed are taking their bromance to the next level (They are so together) and so much more. Season three sounds awesome and I can't wait for it!

Eureka - Although season 4.5 is ending in September, there's still a crapload of spoilers, mostly because of Comic-Con. They're sticking to the new timeline and never returning to the original. I'm glad, because if they did, it'd just be a cop-out. Jo and Zane will get back together (Yay!) and their relationship, according to Niall Matter, will be more mature and less high school-ish than it was in the original timeline. Zoe and Jo seem to have issues about the Jo/Zane relationship based on promos. Can't wait for the episode that Salli's directing to air because it's supposed to be a big one. And Beverly Barlowe needs to GTFO. What she's doing to Allison, though, seems pretty creepy. And they're filming season five now, but ugh at having to wait so long for that. And they're having an animated Christmas episode this year. Not sure if want, tbh. I'll give it a chance, though, since I liked Community's episode.

So there are the shows I'm most excited for this fall. It's definitely a lot, but oh well. This TV season is going to be great, I can tell. So, what do you think? What are you most excited for? Worried about? 
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