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FIC: Messed Up Family Dynamics - 1/1

Title: Messed Up Family Dynamics
Fandom: Ringer
Author: klutzy_girl</lj>
Rating PG-13
Characters/Pairings: Bridget, Andrew, Juliet, Bridget/Andrew
Word Count: 560
Disclaimer: I don't own Ringer and never will. No copyright infringement intended.
Summary: Bridget Kelly knows how fucked up it is to be in love with her dead twin sister's husband, but she doesn't care.

Bridget Kelly was definitely aware of how fucked up it was to take over her twin sister’s life. She refused to make up any excuses for her actions, other than fear. And clearly, Siobhan’s life was just as screwed up as her life is. As soon as Andrew went out on town, the “pregnant” Bridget faked Siobhan having a miscarriage, which she still felt guilty about for some reason. Maybe because of all the lies?

The worst is when Bridget and Andrew are together. She broke it off with Henry, because it was pretty shitty of Siobhan to cheat on her husband, and with her best friend’s husband to boot. Andrew can be a jerk sometimes, but Bridget likes him. She knows why Siobhan ended up marrying him in the first place. (Bridget is not about to call her dead sister a gold digger, even though it seems like she was.)

Bridget takes to life as Siobhan pretty quickly. The guilt is present pretty much every minute of every day, however. It tends to fade for a little while, when she and Andrew are fucking. He’s pretty good in bed, and he always makes her feel great afterwards. It’s so wrong to be doing this with Siobhan’s husband, but Bridget tried not to think of it too often. Andrew did mention how different the sex was, but Bridget passed it off as Siobhan visiting a sex therapist for fun and learning some new moves, which he had surprisingly bought.

She secretly thought everyone was stupid for not realizing that she was Bridget and not Siobhan, but her twin had made a point to mention that she hadn’t told anyone about her.

And against her better judgment, Bridget fell hard and fast for Andrew Martin, which was also a horrible thing. Falling in love with her sister’s husband? Wrong on so many levels. However, Bridget tried not to think about it and focused on pretending to be Siobhan.

Andrew and Bridget were watching TV one night with Juliet (The teenager had complained, but Bridget didn’t care that her “stepdaughter” hated her and wanted nothing to do with her father and stepmother.) and discussing dinner plans when it happened.

“I love you.” Bridget was surprised when she told Andrew those three little words. Why had she decided to say it? Siobhan and Andrew clearly hadn’t told each other those words very much, but whatever.

Andrew beamed. “I love you too. What brought this on, Siobhan?” His wife hadn’t told him she loved him in a long time.

Bridget shrugged. “Not sure.” But it was true. She was going to be completely fucked when and if the truth ever came out. Andrew was definitely going to hate her. Why would he ever love an ex-junkie, ex-stripper like her when he was in love with Siobhan? (She wasn’t much of a catch either, though, what with her many secrets, but still.)

This was going to blow up in her face eventually, but Bridget was going to enjoy this life for as long as she could. Despite her instincts telling her otherwise, she was going to enjoy being married to Andrew, even with the crushing guilt.

Bridget Kelly would try to prevent this situation from crashing down on her for as long as she could.

She’d deal with the fucked up family dynamics much later.
Tags: character: andrew martin, character: bridget kelly, character: juliet martin, fandom: fanfic, fic: one-shot/drabble, pairing: bridget/andrew, tv: ringer

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