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FIC: Parallel Lives and Hard Decisions - 1/1

Title: Parallel Lives and Hard Decisions
Fandom: Once Upon A Time
Author: klutzy_girl
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairings: Snow White, Emma, Snow White/Prince Charming
Disclaimer: I don't own Once Upon A Time and never will. No copyright infringement intended.
Word Count: 508
Summary: Snow White and Emma Swan's lives have unknowingly paralleled each other, such as making the hard decision to give up their children.

When Snow White first realized she was pregnant, she was terrified for a variety of reasons – Mainly because of the Evil Queen and her threat at the wedding. She vowed that day to protect her unborn child any way she could, and so did Prince Charming.

The paranoia of what could happen plagued Snow White throughout her entire pregnancy, and going to Rumpelstiltskin was (and telling him Emma’s name) was probably a mistake, but she was desperate to stop the Evil Queen any way she could.

She knows her husband well and that Prince Charming is trying to protect her and Emma, but Snow White isn’t so sure he can stop whatever that bitch is planning.

It’s when she goes into labor that she realizes what she has to do. It’ll hurt, but she has to do what’s right for Emma. Her daughter has to have the best chance, and that’s what matters, not her and Prince Charming’s happiness. Emma’s safety is the most important thing.

Snow White is horrified upon the discovery of her husband’s body. It’s obvious he fought, and underneath all of her grief and denial is anger.

Her last subconscious thought before the curse takes affect is about getting revenge on the Evil Queen.

Emma Swan is eighteen when she gets knocked up by a guy she’s only been dating for three months. They discuss abortion, but Emma ultimately decides against it. The sperm donor chooses to sign away his parental rights and bolts immediately.

Emma’s too young to be a mom – It wouldn’t be fair to her kid, especially since she has no support system. She grew up in foster care and doesn’t have a mother or a girlfriend to ask about her pregnancy. Her OB/GYN’s nice enough about it, but it’s not the same.

So she decides to give her son up for adoption. He deserves a great life, one with someone who isn’t a mess and can actually take care of him. Emma decides that a closed adoption is the best idea so she won’t be tempted to try and visit the baby or something stupid like that.

It’s hard giving up her son – Especially after that painful, horrible twenty-nine hour labor, but Emma does it. She even got through that painful twenty-nine hour labor on her own, which is sad, but it proves that she’s strong and doesn’t need anybody.

Emma knows nothing about the adoptive parents or even what her son is named, but at least she knows she’s giving him the best chance. That’s all that matters to her, and she reluctantly pushes the thoughts of the baby out of her mind and chooses to focus on work.

Snow White’s and Emma’s lives had paralleled each other, even if they didn’t yet know they were mother and daughter. They had both made the same hard, but right decision for their children.

And after twenty-eight years, their lives would cross paths for the first time and all because of Henry Mills.

Storybrooke, Maine is about to be changed forever.
Tags: character: emma swan, character: snow white/mary margaret, fandom: fanfic, fic: one-shot/drabble, pairing: snow white/prince charming, tv: once upon a time

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