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Drake and Josh, iCarly, tonight's TV

I have several thoughts about D&J and iCarly and things that are on TV tonight. Plus, my 3:00 class was cancelled because the teacher is sick.

Drake and Josh:

TV.com says there are a few unaired episodes of D&J and that there was supposed to be an episode called "Drake's Dad and Josh's Mom." I have no idea if that episode exists, but I want to see it.

I have several ideas about what happened with the parents. I'm introducing one of them in chapter four of my D&J fic. I'm introducing another one in a D/J fic in which Josh's mom returns.

The boys are obviously co-dependent in season four, but not in a bad way. I looked up the symptoms on several sites, and they all think it's a bad thing.

The Christmas movie is going to be awesome. I know I'm going to DVR it.


I hope the show goes on for four years like D&J. I hate the fact that Disney and Nick shows only run for three or four years. I want Carly and Freddie to get together in the series finale.

Grey's Anatomy:

I can't wait the season premiere. I'll watch it tomorrow on abc.com because I already watch The Office and Supernatural. I wish there was more than a dual-turner DVR. Can someone please come up with a DVR that lets you record three or more shows at the same time?

I'm most interested in Alex's storyline. I did write three stories about his abusive childhood. I also want to find out what's up with Meredith and Derek.

The Office:

I hope Jim and Pam are engaged, and that Dwangela get back together. I love Dwight/Angela. I can't wait to find out what's up with Jan and Michael and Michael and Holly.


I'm really hoping the awkwardness is gone between the boys. I want to see Sam breaking down over Dean being back. I have a fic in my head where he slept with a girl in every town during a hunt, there was days he couldn't get out of bed, and he yells at Castiel about God not existing because God should have stopped his entire family from dying.

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