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Fic Updates

I'm trying a new thing now - Instead of posting my fics to LJ itself, I'll link to AO3.

Rookie Blue:

Explosion of Feelings

Characters/Pairings: Sam, Andy, Dov, Sam/Andy
Summary: Based on spoilers and speculation for the season finale, "I Never". Sam and Andy try to work through their issues during a perilous situation.

Warehouse 13:

Instant Family
Characters/Pairings: Myka, Pete, Claudia, Artie, Leena, Jinxsy, Pete/Myka
Summary: AU during "No Pain, No Gain". Pete bagging the Artifact doesn't end Myka's pregnancy. Their lives are changed forever as a result.

Characters/Pairings: Pete, one sided Pete/Myka, referenced Myka/HG
Summary: Spoilers up to "No Pain, No Gain". Pete knows that Myka's never going to feel the same way about him.

Teen Wolf:

Comparable Insecurities and Meddling Packs
Characters/Pairings: Derek, Stiles, Scott, Erica, Boyd, Isaac, Allison, Lydia, Jackson, Derek/Stiles, Scott/Allison
Summary: Derek doesn't feel like he's good enough for Stiles, and they're both dealing with insecurities. The pack decides to meddle and get them together.

Family Day
Characters/Pairings: Derek, Stiles, Melissa, Sheriff Stilinski, Erica, Lydia, Jackson, Boyd, Isaac, Allison, Scott, Derek/Stiles, Melissa/Sheriff Stilinski
Summary: Derek and Stiles spend the day with Stiles' (and Scott's) younger sister and come to a few realizations.
Tags: character: allison argent, character: artie nielsen, character: boyd (teen wolf), character: claudia donovan, character: derek hale, character: erica reyes, character: isaac lahey, character: jackson whittemore, character: lydia martin, character: melissa mcall, character: myka bering, character: pete lattimer, character: scott mccall, character: sheriff stilinski, character: steve jinx, character: stiles stilinski, fandom: fanfic, fic: one-shot/drabble, pairing: allison/scott, pairing: jackson/lydia, pairing: melissa/sheriff, pairing: pete/myka, tv: other, tv: teen wolf, tv: warehouse 13

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