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Season premiere week - Monday (with a little bit of last Thursday and Friday)

So, season premiere week has finally started, and I'm thrilled. I missed my fall shows so much. Unfortunately, there's so much on TV and it's pretty hard to catch up.

Boardwalk Empire's premiere was pretty good, but I still have to catch up on the second episode. I'll do that today.

First up, The Office.

I loved the premiere. And while I've been wanting the show to end, I'm still sad to see it go. I'm unbelievably pissed that Dwight isn't the father of Angela's baby after they built it up for a year, but hopefully, they'll still end up together. Maybe if the spin-off gets picked up, Angela Kinsey will follow him?

I'm glad Jim and Pam finally got a storyline, and one that isn't about their kids. (or Cathy.) I'm so glad Jim took a chance, but I hate that he didn't talk to Pam about it. Hopefully, she won't be too mad and will be all in.

The other thing I really didn't like was Kevin and the turtle. And holy shit, can't believe Oscar is sleeping with the Senator!

Anyway, while I'm both sad and relieved about this final season, I'm really looking forward to seeing what happens this year!

Parks and Recreation - I loved it. Leslie ignoring John McCain was hilarious and I love how hyper she got in the beginning. Ron Swanson is the best, and this episode made me crave ribs.

So glad Ann and Tom broke up. I couldn't stand them together at all and their relationship drove me crazy. Ben and Leslie continue to remain adorable, though. I love them so much.

Haven was amazing and a fantastic start to the season! Don't like Duke randomly having feelings for Audrey, though, and he was right to call Nathan a hypocrite. I like fandom's theory that Nathan is the Colorado Kid. Really hope this show ends up renewed for seasons four and five!

HIMYM was great! I was kinda expecting the end because of spoilers, but holy shit! That's the moment Ted meets The Mother! And I figured Barney kept his stuff from his relationship with Robin, but that moment was so sweet. He and Robin still love each other so much it's alkdjfakldjf. I really don't have a problem with Quinn now that the Barney/Quinn relationship is doomed. And I like Nick.

Marshall and Lily's storyline was hilarious, and Marvin was adorable. Hopefully, they'll be back to normal next week.

And I'm not worried about Barney and Robin not going through with the wedding. It's definitely going to happen, and I can't wait to see how.

Partners was good, and it made me laugh multiple times. I started watching for David Krumholtz, and I like his character a lot. Can't wait to see what next weeks brings.

Castle was great. I love that Castle and Beckett are canon now, and it's such a nice feeling. Don't like Beckett in revenge mode, tbh. Really hope they wrap up this storyline sooner rather than later. And hee at them hiding their relationship from everyone. Don't think it's going to last very long.

H50 was okay. I don't like Steve's mom at all and I absolutely hate that they killed Malia. Why did they have to do that to Chin? Why couldn't both have survived? Chin and Malia just got married and after that trouble, too! I'm glad Steve and Danny continue to have carguments. I hope Doris McGarrett is gone pretty quickly. Anyway, I'm excited for the rest of the season.

And I loved Revolution. I called Rachel still being alive after the pilot, and an interview with Elizabeth prior to yesterday's episode pretty much confirmed it for me. (She didn't come right out and say it, but it was pretty obvious.) I can't wait to see what happens with that storyline.

Charlie's naivety drives me up the freaking wall, and I really don't understand how she's that naive in this world. I saw something where it said she was sheltered by her father, but it's still annoying and not an excuse. Miles needs to call her out on her shit more often.

I liked Giancarlo Esposito's character, and I don't think he's a bad guy as much as we think he is. I really can't wait to see what this show has been planning!

W13 was good. I loved that Amy Acker played Myka's sister. I knew she was going to guest star, but I didn't realize what her role was going to be. And guh at the ending. I've suspected Artie was the great evil for awhile, but I can't believe he killed Leena! Hopefully, she can be brought back like everyone else.

Still have to catch up on Bones and Mike and Molly because Fox and CBS are stupid. Anyway, excited for Go On, NCIS, Private Practice, New Normal, and Mindy Project tonight! I've missed fall TV so much.
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