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Premiere week - Tuesday!

So, a few more of my shows started last night, and I'm so glad they're back.

NCIS was great. I wish Tony and Ziva had stayed in the elevator for a little while longer, but I loved their moments anyway. With the way they left McGee out of everything in the spoilers this summer, I expected him to be hurt worse. And all he had was a piece of glass in his stomach and stitches. I was worried the entire episode that something worse was about to him!

Glad Gibbs killed Dearing. And I kinda shipped Gibbs/Fornell a little last night when Fornell was worried about him and everything. Oops? Anyway, so fucking glad Brian Dietzen is finally in the opening credits and has a storyline now.

I'm pretty excited about this season, especially as Michael Weatherly has said multiple times that this is "the year of Tiva".

Go On continues to remain my favorite new TV show of the fall season. I love it so much! Really hope NBC picks it up for a full season and then renews it for a second. I need this show in my life more.

Ryan and Anne's burgeoning friendship is really nice. I love that he encouraged her to go out with the lady at the wedding. And tbh, like Ryan, I would watch "The Lady Bunch". Sounds pretty interesting.

I felt so bad for Ryan when the picture of the sewing machine made him cry. (And at work, too!) Hee at Lauren "getting the cry" and Ryan being happy when he did the same to her.

And I finally gave up on "The New Normal". Bryan and David keep reeling me back in their cuteness, but I've been meh about the show since the second episode. And last night's episode was interesting - I hope it gets people talking, which it should - but I didn't like it very much.

I already saw The Mindy Project and it's my second favorite new fall TV show. Can't wait for the next episode!

And finally, Private Practice. I loved it! I am so fucking unbelievably happy that Addison chose Jake because there are no words for how much I loathe Sam. The Jake/Addison/Henry family time was adorable, and I hope they end the series together. Especially since I think this will be the last season, despite what everyone else is saying.

I really hope Sheldon doesn't have cancer or anything, but I'm worried he does, especially based on the press release for the third episode of this season. Hopefully, Amelia will be with them. (I ship Sheldon/Amelia so much.)

I'm still pissed that Tim Daly got fired, but I'm not surprised they killed Pete off. It makes sense, and it's sad, even though I didn't like Pete all that much.

Last but not least, Charlotte and Cooper. I called her being pregnant earlier in the summer based on spoilers, but I didn't expect the twist! I figured it was twins when Charlotte and Addison had a shocked look on their face after the ultrasound, but I was honestly not expecting triplets! Holy fuck, I'm still in shock over that. A+ super sperm there, Cooper, to get past an IUD and manage to knock her up with three babies.

And despite me being planning to write happy fic with Charlotte, Cooper, Mason, and the triplets, I'm going to remain a little wary. Shonda doesn't have the best track records with pregnancies on her show - Although maybe the fact that Charlotte isn't happy about it will be the complication. I really hope so.

Really looking forward to the rest of this season!

Looking forward tonight to The Middle, Criminal Minds, and Modern Family! I have my 6:00-8:30 class tonight, but we usually get out early and are done by 8.
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