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Premiere week continues - Wednesday

So, premiere week is still ongoing and now I have more shows back!

The Middle was great! I love this show so much. Mike telling Sue he loved her at the end was adorable. And LOL at them choosing their favorite parent and favorite kid. The actor who plays Brick must be going through puberty since his voice alternated between deep and cracking the entire time. This was a good start to the season.

Then I watched Modern Family and loved it. Hee at Claire's reaction to Gloria's pregnancy. Phil's beard was weird but hilarious. The stuffed animals going at it was hilarious. Glad Cam and Mitch got a cat, but I doubt we'll ever even see it. Hopefully they'll be able to adopt another baby soon. Maybe at the end of this season? Although that might be too many babies on set.

I was genuinely surprised by Jay's reaction to Gloria being pregnant. I expected him to freak out, not be thrilled. But I bet the freak out will come soon. He's not going to be happy for that long. Felt bad for Manny and his insecurities, but the poem he wrote for the baby was cute.

Excited for this season!

I only watched The Neighbors because it was on after Modern Family, and it was okay. I expected it to be much worse and actually laughed a few times. Probably going to get cancelled pretty quickly, though.

And this morning, I watched Criminal Minds. I like Alex Blake a lot - She's a pretty good addition to the team. Kinda ship her and Strauss a little, tbh.

Why are Morgan and Garcia seriously not together yet? I ask myself this every episode and it's still not happening. They need to be a couple!

The end was pretty creepy. Excited for this arc!

Cannot wait for Grey's Anatomy tonight  (although I'm freaking out a little because of spoilers and everything) The Office, Parks and Rec, and TBBT tonight.
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