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Supernatural season eight!

So, I watched the premiere last night and absolutely loved it! Amazing start to the season and I'm excited for the rest of it.

Not liking the Sam hate. He was alone and he was completely and utterly fucked up last season. He thought Dean was dead, and he shut down. It's a normal Sam response. And while I don't like that he didn't look for Dean or contact Kevin, I understand it. Sam's not good at grieving.

I like Benny! Not sure I trust him yet, but I'm glad Dean had someone (besides Cas) and trusts him. Don't like his reaction to Sam's actions, but again, understandable. He had just been fighting for his life for a year and he's fucked up, too. Maybe it cured his alcoholism, too. I hope so.

I love Kevin. Glad he'll still be around. And I'm curious to see how this season plays out.

Also loved the premieres of Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, and TBBT. (Now sure Raj/Stuart and I really hope that storyline goes somewhere, tbh.) 666 Park Avenue started out slow, but I liked it. Looking forward to more.  Absolutely 100% loved the premiere of Once Upon A Time, too.

The Charming family reunion was what I was waiting for and it was perfect. Mostly because I love the Charmings. The hug was sweet and I loved Henry interrupting them with his "Grandpa!" comment. Looking forward to more of Grandpa!Charming and Daddy!Charming and Mama!Snow and Grandma!Snow, tbh. Daughter!Emma should be interesting, too.

Ship Aurora/Mulan, tbh. Mulan/Phillip really has the potential to be interesting, too. Can't believe a part of Fairy Tale World survived! Looking forward to seeing Emma and Snow fight their way through it.

Curious about who Whale is. Really looking forward to the rest of this season!

Today is my Friday. Three day weekend because there's a big festival going on here and it's a really big deal. They had a fire truck thing going on last night for hours and I can't tell you how many times I was interrupted and annoyed by the honking and sirens. But yay, Friday off!  I look forward to this.

My mom had surgery to fix carpal tunnel in one of her hands, and she's doing well. She still needs her other hand done, but that won't be for awhile.

Can't wait for TBBT, GA, Scandal, The Office, and Parks and Rec tonight.
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