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Private Practice series finale thoughts

So, Private Practice's series finale aired last night and I have a lot of thoughts on it.

So glad Jake and Addison got married and were happy! I love them together and they're cute, especially with Henry. Wished he was in the episode, though. And I was hoping we'd get an Addison pregnancy so they could expand their family, so I'm a little sad it didn't happen.

Charlotte and Cooper were cute, as always. I'm glad we got to see them with all of their kids at the end. The triplets were cute, and I'm still surprised all three babies surprised. I guess Shonda wanted them to live because it was the final season and she was wrapping things up. Glad they hired a nanny because no way could they do that all on their way.

Wish Sheldon/Amelia could have been endgame, but I like where their stories ended up. Poor Sheldon. And I'm glad Amelia was happy with James, although I'm still hoping Caterina will become a regular on GA in the fall. Wish we could see them both more.

Violet's storyline was meh. I didn't care about the patient nor that she was a metaphor for the audience. But yay for her book! The end was cute with everybody.

Honestly, I didn't give a fuck about Sam and Naomi. I loathe Sam with every fiber of my being. Little mad Naomi was pregnant instead of Addison, but whatever. I resent that their storyline was the main focus of the episode when Addison - the one the show is about - was barely in it. And why get Sam and Stephanie back together last episode if it was only going to end this way? Poor Stephanie. Sam flying to New York was cute, although I'm pissed he said he's never loved anybody. Really, you never loved Addison? The woman you got pissy with and whined around about and proposed to? The woman you told didn't want anymore kids and threw fits about Henry, but it's totally okay you cheated on your girlfriend at the wedding she attended with you and knocked up. Ugh, that storyline.

It wasn't the best finale, but it also wasn't the worst. And it was Shonda's first attempt at ending one of her series, so I'll cut her some slack.

This was the best season of the show, tbh, and it one of my favorites. I loved it. I'm sad to see this show go and I'll miss it.
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