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Jim and Pam's storyline on The Office

So I've been really liking this season of The Office, and I'm thrilled Jim and Pam finally have a storyline, even if I don't really like it all that much.

I am in the camp that both Jim and Pam are to blame for reaching this point. Jim was 100% wrong in joining Athlead without telling Pam and also using all of their savings for the stock. Pam should be pissed and she absolutely has the right to be.

They're both to blame for the fight that ensued after the fiasco with Cece's recital. Neither of them are in the right there - Jim got a little too mean and Pam shouldn't have played it off like it was no big deal. But what exactly did they fight about after their meeting with Brian? Clearly none of their issues got resolved.

I still don't understand how it go to the point where they need marriage counseling.

I understand Pam doesn't want to move to Philadelphia - She's right in being mad at Jim for doing stuff without telling her, but she hasn't given a reason for not wanting to move. All I want is to know the reason. That's it. But apparently, it is "vile and misogynistic" to question Pam's reasoning for it and means an instant defriending. I didn't even get a chance to explain myself fully (which I thought I had done in the original comment, but apparently not).

Hell, if Pam had done exactly what Jim did, and he didn't want to move, but didn't explain his reason? I'd be questioning him, too.

Both Pam and Jim are equally in the wrong here - Jim for doing this without telling her and his subsequent actions, and Pam for not speaking out and explaining to him how she feels and everything. Pam can have better career opportunities in Philadelphia - She doesn't have to be stuck at Dunder Mifflin forever, which I don't want to happen to her and Jim.

But I have faith that they'll fix this in time for the series finale and will end up moving to Philadelphia.

The only other storyline I care about is whether Dwight and Angela get back together, tbh. However, as much as it's time for this show to end, I'm going to miss it. Will be a mess on May 16th.

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