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Last night's NCIS and what possibly could be ahead for Tiva

So, I'm still reeling and have feels all over the place about last night's NCIS. Holy crap, that was an amazing episode.

Because of the spoilers we got weeks ago and the promo, I was expecting a lot of Tony/Ziva. Figured maybe they'd have sex for the first time and admit their feelings. Instead, the ending threw me for a loop.

I loved the moment they were in bed together. That and the "Sweet cheeks" and the talk of "favors" and I was pretty excited. Then the dance! Now the dance was romantic and amazing. At first I didn't think the flashback of her dancing her father was even warranted and then it explained and that was pretty much an OH GOD moment. Pretty much proof now that Ziva loves him, y/y?

Then the car scene. The hand holding! THE HAND HOLDING! THEY WERE ACTUALLY HOLDING HANDS. And I'm pretty sure Ziva was about to confess her feelings for Tony right before they got hit. I saw the car a few seconds before they did, said "oh shit" out loud and didn't stop saying "OH" out loud after they did get hit. And then that adrenaline rush hit and my hands got all tingly. They'll both be fine - I'm not worried - but wow, that was intense. And I really can't wait to see where this storyline goes.

I think Tiva hit a turning point last night and now there's no going back. The show's gone too far to not get them together now. And I am more than 100% convinced, more so than I was at this time last year, that they'll be together by the end of the finale. Mulitple interviews with Gary Glasberg, the showrunner, also has me convinced they're finally happening.

And on top of that, last night I had an angsty Tony/Ziva dream that included stuff from the car "accident".

Guh, I can't wait for Tuesday (it's going to be a long week) and the next few episodes!
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