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HIMYM- Benefits

Best episode of season four and my favorite for the season. It's even in my top ten of favorite episodes and I thought nothing could beat Sandcastles in the Sand.

I loved every single plotline, including the magazine.

-Ted knows and is okay with it! I loved that he ended the pact with Robin.

-Barney said multiple no's when Ted asked him if he was in love with Robin.

-Everybody but Marshall knows, and I'm surprised he doesn't. He can't keep a secret, so I'm surprised no one told him.

-The breaking of the TVs was sad.

-Barney actually told Robin he loved her!

-Longest commercial break ever when Ted found out!
Keeping this on my DVR. I loved it so much. I even rewound the last ten minutes (minus Marshall) once already. I want to go watch it again.
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