klutzy_girl (klutzy_girl) wrote,

I just finished watching Thursday's episodes of Grey's Anatomy and The Office. Plus, reviews of Friday's TV.


The Office- The Hilary Swank plot was weird, and the episode was okay, but I loved Angela joining in. Hopefully, she and Dwight will get back together soon. And Andy and Oscar will admit their feelings for each other.


Grey's Anatomy -At least Izzie finally realized she's sick. I love Jeffrey Dean Morgan so much. I wish he was back on Supernatural. Meredith crying at the end was sad, but I'm glad Derek and Cristina tried to help.


Ghost Whisperer- I hate Nikki, and I hope Jim/Sam and Melinda get back together soon. I love Jim, and I really want he and Melinda to have a baby.


Flashpoint -I felt so bad for that guy. At least he didn't do anything. I do wish there was some Sam/Jules moments, though.


Numb3rs - Also loved the episode. I was shocked by the psychic dying. David and Colby were so on a date at the beginning.

Tags: tv: ghost whisperer, tv: grey's anatomy, tv: numb3rs, tv: other, tv: the office

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