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The Accident- Chapter 1/8

Title: The Accident
Author: spuffy_girl
Pairings: George/Lexie, Izzie/Alex, Meredith/Derek, Callie/Hahn, and Addison/Mark
Rating: M
Summary: After he and Mark are involved in a fatal car accident, Derek struggles to stay alive and not fall apart.
Disclaimer: Grey's Anatomy and anything related to the show does not belong to me. I own nothing.

Info: I'm bringing my GA fic over from ff.net. I worked really hard. This chapter alone is nearly 4000 words. It took me three hours just to write one chapter. I was so glad when I finally finished.

Derek Shepherd and Meredith Grey-Shepherd loved going to Miller’s Restaurant, especially with Mark Sloan and Addison Forbes Montgomery-Sloan.

Tonight, Meredith and Addison were a party held by Erica Hahn and Callie Torres, so Mark and Derek were on their own at Miller’s Restaurant. They were still best friends and didn’t realize everything was about to crash down on them.

“How’s Addison feeling?” Derek asked Mark. Addison was seven months pregnant at the age of forty-three, so Derek was worried about ex-wife.

Mark sighed. “Her blood pressure’s down, but her mood swings are driving me crazy,” he explained. Derek laughed. Meredith wasn’t pregnant yet, but they had just started trying. Addison’s pregnancy had been unexpected since she was supposed to be barren.

“You still have two months left,” Derek sing-songed. He would later regret reminding his best friend of how much time Addison had left in her pregnancy, because Mark would miss it.

It was a normal night for Derek and Mark, but everything would change in a few hours.

At 8:30PM, Derek and Mark left the restaurant, laughing about a joke they had heard. The two got into Mark’s car, talking about what they planned to do next weekend.

“Are you sure you want to go to Joe’s? We do that a lot,” Mark said as the car pulled out of the parking lot.

“I’m sure,” Derek told him as he turned the radio on. He and Mark loved going to Joe’s.

Five minutes later the two were talking about the latest movies, not knowing what was about to occur.

Derek turned his head to the left, and saw bright lights heading towards the car on Mark’s side. Mark also noticed the lights. He tried speeding up to avoid the semi, but it wasn’t meant to be.

Mark felt the impact first, and struggled not to cry out in pain. Derek began screaming when the car started to flip. The car flipped several times, and to Derek, it felt like forever. Mark hurt too much to even realize that the car was flipping.

In reality, the car had only flipped four times during an entire minute and ten seconds.

Derek screamed out of pure happiness when the car stopped flipping, despite the fact that they were upside down and every window had been shattered. He began to feel pain all over, and noticed he was bleeding, but Derek’s main focus was on Mark. Mark looked hurt a whole lot worse than him. Mark’s head was bleeding badly.

“Hurts,” Mark gasped out to Derek, blood bubbling up out of his mouth. He hurt so much.

“Need to get out of here. You’ll be fine,” Derek assured Mark, even though he was panicking. Mark had internal injuries and a head injury. He could have more injuries than that too. That was the moment Derek realized things were very, very bad.

“Not…this time,” Mark gasped. He had known from the moment the car had stopped flipping that he was going to die.

“Think positive,” Derek encouraged, feeling blood build up in his throat. He also had internal injuries, so their situation had just become worse.

“I’m…dying,” Mark insisted, panting so he wouldn’t throw up.

“No, you’re not,” Derek told him sharply, even though he knew it was probably true. He just didn’t want to believe it. Derek briefly wondered how they were both still conscious, but pushed the thought away.

“Sorry,” Mark whispered, wondering when an ambulance was going to show up. He wasn’t going to make it, but Derek could still get help.

“Don’t you dare apologize,” Derek warned, accidentally spitting out blood and trying to quash his rising panic.

Mark tried to smile, but didn’t have the energy. He was so cold. “You’ll… be fine,” he whispered.

“Stop saying goodbye. You’re not dying,” Derek insisted, trying to remain in denial.

“Tell Addison… love her. Tell baby… how much I love her,” Mark said, wishing he would stop hurting.

“Tell them yourself,” Derek whispered, hoping the ambulance would get there fast.

“Love you… too,” Mark gasped out, knowing that Derek needed to hear it. Mark and Derek didn’t say that very often. They had said it upon becoming friends again, but that had been the last time.

Derek reluctantly let a few years fall as his denial fell away. “I love you too,” he whispered. Derek grabbed onto Mark’s hand and held it for a minute before Mark’s eyes closed for good.

In a moment of complete irony, Derek heard the siren of an ambulance only thirty seconds later. He struggled to stay conscious and not think about how cold Mark’s hand felt. Derek felt numb.

“Sir, can you hear me?” the EMS worker asked. She couldn’t believe that anyone had managed to survive.

“Mark’s dead and I hurt,” Derek explained, his eyes closing. He slipped into unconsciousness.

Derek woke up in the ambulance with an oxygen mask on. Everything looked blurry.

“Can you hear me?” asked the same EMS worker. She had never seen a more horrific car accident. She knew that she’d have nightmares for weeks about this night.

Derek nodded and tried to pull off his oxygen mask. “Seattle Grace,” he whispered before putting the mask back on.

“We were going to take you there anyway. Sir, what is your name?” Lisa asked.

“Dr. Derek Shepherd,” he said, wishing to slip into unconsciousness again. Everything hurt so much. Derek grabbed onto Lisa’s hand when the pain spiked unexpectedly. Lisa watched in horror as his eyes closed again.

Lisa tried to wake him up, but her partner Matt had to grab the paddles when Derek’s heart stopped.

His heart started back up just as the ambulance arrived at Seattle Grace.

“He has severe injuries and flat lined on the way here,” Lisa explained to a very shocked Lexie Grey.

“What happened?” George asked her, horrified to even see one of his best friend’s husbands as a patient.

“A semi hit the driver’s side. The car flipped several times. We had to use the Jaws of Life to get him out,” Matt frantically explained as Derek was wheeled into a trauma room.

“His wife needs to be contacted immediately,” Lisa said. She and Matt turned around and reluctantly left Seattle Grace.

Dr. Bailey, now in the room, turned to order Lexie and George to help her. She found George frozen.

“What’s wrong?” Lexie asked her boyfriend. George was freaking her out.

“There were too fatalities reported- The driver of the semi and someone else. Mark and Derek were together tonight,” a horrified George informed Lexie and Bailey.

Lexie gasped while Bailey struggled to focus on Derek.

“He needs surgery immediately,” Bailey declared. They were going to lose Derek fast if they didn’t do something.

“He’s losing too much blood. He’s going to need a transfusion,” George said, wondering who was going to call Meredith and Addison.

“He’s hurt so bad he may not even make it through the night,” Lexie whispered, trying to stop the bleeding. She couldn’t find a source for the blood loss because Derek was bleeding so much.

Meredith and Addison burst through the doors fifteen minutes later. Alex, Izzie, Cristina, Callie, and Erica were with them.

Lexie had reluctantly stayed back to talk to her sister and friend.

“They said one of them died,” Meredith cried, her hands shaking. She looked freaked out beyond belief.

Tears came to Lexie’s eyes. She had broken the news of death to family members before, but this was the hardest. Lexie took a deep breath and turned to Addison. Addison turned pale, just knowing it was her husband who had died. “Mark’s injuries were too extensive. He was DOA,” Lexie tearfully informed her.

Addison’s knees buckled, and she would have collapsed if Alex hadn’t pushed a chair under her.

“What about Derek?” a terrified Meredith asked, numb about Mark’s death. She had never felt fear like this before the phone call she had received nearly thirty minutes before.

“He has internal bleeding, blood loss, and countless other injuries. He flat lined in the ambulance. Derek’s in surgery now,” Lexie explained, not sure how her sister was going to react. She wasn’t even going to tell Meredith that Derek surviving his surgery or at all was unlikely.

“Was he unconscious when he was brought in?” Meredith asked, not really sure if she wanted to know.

“He was unconscious upon arrival, but conscious in the car,” Lexie explained. She looked down at her white coat and was shocked to see how bloody it was.

“Do they need any help?” Alex asked, needing to do something. He was trying not to think about Mark’s death and Derek possibly dying.

Lexie shrugged, just as Meredith swayed for a second and passed out.

Izzie and Alex picked her up and set her on a bed. Erica went to go see if she was needed, while Callie tried to wake Meredith up.

Four hours later, an extremely bloody Bailey entered the waiting room. Alex helped Meredith stand up, while Cristina stood beside her in support.

“Is he okay?” Meredith asked, praying her husband was alive. Fate wouldn’t be so cruel to kill both Mark and Derek.

Bailey sighed. “He has extensive injuries, Meredith. He lost blood, has internal injuries, and numerous other problems. We stopped most of the internal bleeding. Derek had a transfusion. He’ll need more surgery to fix the internal bleeding. He flat lined during the surgery, but we revived him. We’re going to do the other surgery as soon as he’s stable enough. Unfortunately, we’re not sure he’s going to make it through the day,” she explained. It was a miracle Derek had survived this long. Bailey felt numb, just like she had been after her mother’s death.

Meredith’s face crumpled and she burst into sobs. This was too much for her handle. Addison murmured in her sleep, but didn’t wake up. She had fallen asleep about two hours earlier, her pregnancy and grief working against her.

“I suggest you call family,” Bailey told Meredith, turning to leave the emergency room. Derek needed constant care.

“I can call Derek’s family,” Izzie told Meredith. She couldn’t believe this was happening.

“I’ll do it,” Meredith insisted, checking her watch. She was shocked to see the time was 1:07AM.

“Are you sure?” Callie asked. She was really worried about Meredith and Addison.

Meredith nodded and went up to the payphone. Cristina had followed her, so she dialed the number that Meredith had told her. Meredith’s hands had been shaking so much that she couldn’t touch the buttons.

“Who is this?” a tired Laura Shepherd asked. Her eyes couldn’t focus on the alarm clock, but Laura knew it was late.

“Laura?” asked the sobbing Meredith, wishing her mother-in-law was in Seattle. She really liked Laura and needed her right now.

Laura’s maternal instincts kicked in immediately, as did fear. Her alarm clock read 1:11AM. “What’s wrong?” Laura asked. She dreaded the answer.

Meredith sobbed again. “Mark and Derek were in a car accident,” she cried hysterically. It hurt too much to continue on.

“Which one of them is hurt?” Laura demanded. Her daughter-in-law did not sound good and she was scaring her.

Meredith just continued sobbing so Cristina took the phone. “Mrs. Shepherd?” she asked.

“Cristina, how badly are they hurt?” a frantic Laura asked. She loved Mark like he was her own son.

Cristina sighed. “Mark’s injuries were too severe. I’m sorry, Mrs. Shepherd. Derek is badly hurt. You need to come,” she explained softly, hoping to soften the blow.

Laura felt laughter bubbling up, a reaction she got under stress. She laughed hysterically upon Christopher’s death from cancer, and that had been expected. “His sisters and I will be there as soon as possible,” Laura vowed. She hung up the phone and dialed Nancy. Nancy would tell Kathleen, Regina, and Josie.

After hanging up with Nancy, Laura dialed the number of the airport. She wanted to get her family on the next available flight.

At 8:00AM, Derek was rushed back to surgery for the internal bleeding. It had worsened. Addison was wide awake by then, but not talking. She just stared in space. Izzie had attributed it to shock and had given the pregnant woman a blanket.

“This has been the longest night of my life,” Meredith told Lexie. She was scared and felt impatient. Webber had come by around 3:30AM, and had given Meredith the day off.

“Think positive,” Lexie told her, immediately regretting it. Derek was probably dying, so telling his wife to think positive was stupid.

Meredith glared at Lexie, but continued to worry about her husband.

At 11:00AM, one of the surgeons came out. “We fixed the internal bleeding, but he is still injured badly. I’m sorry, Dr. Grey-Shepherd, but he may not make it through the day,” Morgan Winslow explained, hating the fact that one of her co-workers was dying and his wife was another co-worker.

At 1:13PM, the Shepherd family entered Seattle Grace in a panic.

“We had to wait for a later flight. How he is?” Josie Shepherd-Milston asked. She hoped her brother was still alive.

“He’s fine for now, but still in critical condition,” George explained, trying to be as far away from the Shepherds as possible. They scared him.

“Are you still scared of us?” an amused Regina Shepherd-Williams asked. Regina always tried to find humor in the midst of tragedy.

“No,” George lied, still hoping to keep the girls away. Nancy scared him the most.

“How’s Meredith?” asked a worried Kathleen Shepherd-Davis. She was worried about both her brother and sister-in-law.

“She’s panicking because Derek may not make it,” Lexie explained, happy that Cristina and Izzie were with her sister in the cafeteria.

“That’s to be expected,” Kathleen said. She sighed as her phone rang. Her daughter, sixteen month old Juliana, had the flu, and Kathleen’s husband Rick was taking care of their kids.

After Kathleen hung up the phone a few minutes later, the Shepherds watched in horror as alarms began blaring in Derek’s room. George and Lexie bolted to the room.

George came out of Derek’s room about ten minutes later, wheeling him in the gurney down the hall.

“What happened?” Meredith asked, hoping beyond belief that something bad hadn’t happened to her husband.

“He went into cardiac arrest,” Webber explained, having been paged by Bailey. He couldn’t believe this was happening to Derek and his “daughter”. Richard had walked Meredith down the aisle at her and Derek’s wedding.

Meredith gasped and walked backwards into a chair.

“Is he going to be okay?” Callie asked as Erica joined Bailey, George, and Lexie.

Webber sighed. “We don’t know yet, unfortunately. Everything is touch and go right now.” He hoped everything turned out fine for the Shepherds, but that didn’t look like it was going to happen.

“I don’t feel so good,” Meredith muttered, turning pale. She bolted towards the bathroom. Cristina followed her.

“I have to make arrangements,” a crying Addison told Laura after Richard left. She couldn’t think straight.

“Do you want me to help you,” Laura asked Addison. Laura was very worried about Addison and her unborn daughter.

“Please,” Addison pleaded, not caring she sounded. She really loved Laura and needed her help.

“Sweetie, you need to calm down. This isn’t good for the baby,” Laura gently told her. Her own son may be dying, and the son she had practically raised was already dead, but she needed to do something to take her mind off of it. Helping Addison meant that she could focus on one thing.

“Evangeline,” Addison corrected through her tears.

“Why’d you choose that?” Nancy asked, hoping something could distract her from the horror of the past day.

“Mark wanted to name her Evangeline, but I was pushing for Veronica. I think she’ll be Evangeline now,” Addison explained. Upon learning the gender of their baby, Mark had started referring to their daughter as Angel. He had then looked at the baby book, and found Evangeline.

“Evangeline is a beautiful name,” Izzie told Addison. Addison smiled at the woman.

“What’s her full name going to be?” Alex asked her, wondering if everyone could get Addison strong in the aftermath of Mark’s death and possibly Derek’s.

Addison sighed. “Evangeline Hope Montgomery-Sloan,” she announced. Hope had been chosen the middle name from the beginning, despite her first name.

“Why not Veronica as a middle name?” a curious Callie asked. Veronica was a pretty name.

“Hope is something we had before we even learned of my pregnancy. I had hoped that we would have a baby somehow, and we are,” she explained. Maybe she would adopt several children, and name a girl Veronica. Evangeline was more important to her now than the name of Veronica.

“That’s sweet,” Laura assured her. Mark had always seemed like a sentimental man, despite the fact that he liked to sleep with so many women.

Cristina returned with Meredith a few minutes later. “Are you okay?” Nancy asked her daughter-in-law. She still hated Meredith, but now was not the time to be mean.

“We think she’s pregnant,” Cristina bluntly informed them.

“Cristina,” whined Meredith. She couldn’t believe Cristina had just done that to her.

“I’ll draw some blood,” Lexie told her sister, wishing different hopes at once. She hoped that Meredith wasn’t pregnant, but she also hoped that Meredith was pregnant in case Derek died. If Meredith was pregnant and Derek was dead, at least he could live on in their child.

“At least we’ll be pregnant widows together,” Addison muttered when Meredith and Lexie went to go get her tested.

Addison,” warned Laura. She knew Addison was acting irrationally, but that was no excuse to say that.

“Sorry,” Addison apologized. She didn’t even know why she had said it. As Addison and Laura worked on arrangements for Mark’s funeral, the Shepherd sisters talked about how they could help Meredith and Derek, if he survived.

“What about your friends in California?” Laura asked, remembering that Addison had lived in California for a brief time.

“I’ll call them,” Addison said, trying to get up. When she couldn’t get up, Alex helped her stand.

“Do you need me?” a worried Callie asked. She wasn’t sure how much more Addison could take.

“I’m fine,” Addison assured her, even though she wasn’t sure if she was.

“I’ll go with you,” Nancy told her. She wasn’t about to leave her former sister-in-law alone.

Addison sighed, but she didn’t say anything. She was secretly glad for the company. She didn’t know what she was going to do after Evangeline’s birth. She had never expected to be alone. She had never expected to become a widow at forty-three. She couldn’t imagine Meredith’s reaction to becoming a widow at thirty-three if Derek died.

“Hey, Addie. How’s everything going?” Naomi asked. She couldn’t wait for Addison to have the baby.

Addison choked back a sob. “Mark and Derek were in a car accident, Nae. Mark’s dead and Derek may be dying. I need you guys,” she sobbed.

Naomi stared at the phone in shock. She couldn’t really comprehend the fact that her best friend’s husband was dead and her ex-husband was probably dying. “We’ll be there as soon as we can,” Naomi promised, wanting to be there for her pregnant friend.

“I’ll see you later,” Addison told her, sobbing. She hung up the phone and grabbed Nancy’s hand. Addison needed human contact.

They returned to the waiting room, waiting to hear news about Derek. It was going to be a long day

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