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I was watching a repeat of JAG the other day, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan was on. I screamed his name as soon as I saw it in the opening credits. Yesterday I saw a very much younger Dave from Desperate Housewives on the show.

I still have to watch Numb3rs, Dollhouse, The Soup, and Flashpoint. I'm going to do that now.

Last night's Ghost Whisperer was good. I hope SamJim and Melinda are okay. I love them together.

I absolutely loved the GA/PP crossover. I ship Sam/Bailey a little bit, even though she's married. The Archer/Naomi/Sam/Mark/Derek/Addison friendship is nice. They're such great friends. I hope Pete is the father of Violet's baby, but I want Violet/Cooper together. They're so adorable. And Charlotte is stupid. Are all guys supposed to stop being friends with a girl so they can be friends with their girlfriend/fiancee/wife? And does it work the same way for women? If women are best friends with a man, are they supposed to stop being friends with them while in a relationship?
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