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I just saw spoilers for Ghost Whisperer on my e-mail homepage that made very excited for the last few episodes of the season. Don't look under the cut if you don't want to be spoiled.

Yay for a Melinda pregnancy! We figured it would happen soon.

Here's the article:

The Insider has snagged backstage photos from the set of Ghost Whisperer’s 21, 22, and 23rd episodes. Notice anything different? That’s Jennifer Love as Melinda above, showing off a baby bump. The baby comes at a difficult time for her character - Melinda recently lost her husband Jim, but his soul was somehow transfered into the body of a new character, Sam. But it comes at a perfect time for Jennifer Love, who just began a relationship with co-star Jamie Kennedy!

If Melinda is pregnant in future episodes, doesn’t this mean that baby daddy is actually new guy Sam? Not so, suggests writer P.K. Simmonds, “Sometimes you don’t notice something like that. Especially going through what she’s gone through—the cycles [can be] interrupted by traumatic events.” This means that this entire time since Jim’s death, Melinda may have been unknowingly carrying his child.

Source: www.fancast.com/blogs/tv-news/jennifer-love-pregnanton-ghost-whisperer/

My reaction upon seeing that picture and reading the article? A squeal and mutterings of "baby"!
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